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A community of men over 40 ready to feel truly empowered, in control, and on top of the world

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Robin Austin Reed

Passionate about seeing you rise into your power and be happy, abundant and healthy.

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Manifest Your Man in 30 Days

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Discover How to Manifest A Good Man and Avoid Dead-End Relationships and Time Consuming Dating. ​ Stop blaming men for bad relationships or wasting time trying to change them. Begin with you to become the woman men crave and are searching for. ​ If a man doesn’t take you seriously or puts you in the dreaded Friend Zone because you’re Miss Nice Girl, he may have a good time with you while giving his heart to the woman he REALLY wants and inviting you to the wedding. ​ Women require two things: A great foundation of self respect and self care along with a set of proven dating rules that will allow you to make wise dating decisions, navigates the treacherous territory of Manifesting Your Man. How to Keep a Man Interested Without Becoming Someone You’re Not. ​ Many dating advice books for women of being a bitch, rough and tough or playing games, just makes you more of a guy and draws to you wimpy men. Don’t try and change the game, learn how to be a contender in the process of manifesting you man. ​ Self confidence, great energy, loving good men, all comes from cleaning up the past and entering into dating free of judgement, curious and open what you’re going to find. ​ Being able to confidently socialize with men, body language, and illustrating confidence in your femininity will only go so far if you still allow men to have their way with your emotions, time, affections, body and even money. ​ Self-confidence makes a woman more attractive and comes from having proper boundarie

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