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The Warrior's Path

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A community of men over 40 ready to feel truly empowered, in control, and on top of the world

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Robin Austin Reed

Passionate about seeing you rise into your power and be happy, abundant and healthy.

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The Warrior's Path

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Каждый, кто выполнит все задания марафона, получает бейдж.

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I'm pleased to welcome you to The Warrior's Path where we dive in around the hurts, habits and hangups that prevent you from living your best life. You are programmed from a very young age to be poor, sick, overweight and unhappy. You can't rule lions, only lambs and when we are not at our best self, we're easier to keep working and distracted rather than rising to our highest calling. Coaching is a supportive, relaxed environment where I go over your questionnaire in detail and uncover some parts that we can immediately dis-create together. Make sure you setup your profile and watch the videos before our first session. Please follow the steps exactly as they're designed and proven to stack on top of each other and be building blocks to your empowerment. I also recommend you download my APP at the bottom so you can integrate with the program quicker and easier. If not, the site is very mobile friendly. If you have any questions, call or email me anytime at You can text, CHAT, call and email right from your login to make it easy. To your abundance, ~Coach Robin Mobile App Information: Join with this link: Use the invite code: BUMQPQ

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Freedom from Self Sabotage

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Meet Your Fellow Warrior Graduates

Malcolm B.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Darren Y.

San Francisco, California

Larry Wilson

Dallas, Texas


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