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Manifest Your Man Course




Find Your True Love in 30 Days

Book Cover of 'Manifest Your Man' Author is Robin Austin Reed - The book is positioned against a white background with soft lighting. This image showcases the book as a helpful guide for readers seeking to improve their love lives.
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Discover How to Manifest A Good Man and Avoid Dead-End Relationships and Time Consuming Dating.

Stop blaming men for bad relationships or wasting time trying to change them. Begin with you to become the woman men crave and are searching for.

If a man doesn’t take you seriously or puts you in the dreaded Friend Zone because you’re Miss Nice Girl, he may have a good time with you while giving his heart to the woman he REALLY wants and inviting you to the wedding.

Women require two things: A great foundation of self respect and self care along with a set of proven dating rules that will allow you to make wise dating decisions, navigates the treacherous territory of Manifesting Your Man.


How to Keep a Man Interested Without Becoming Someone You’re Not.

Many dating advice books for women of being a bitch, rough and tough or playing games, just makes you more of a guy and draws to you wimpy men. Don’t try and change the game, learn how to be a contender in the process of manifesting you man.

Self confidence, great energy, loving good men, all comes from cleaning up the past and entering into dating free of judgement, curious and open what you’re going to find.

Being able to confidently socialize with men, body language, and illustrating confidence in your femininity will only go so far if you still allow men to have their way with your emotions, time, affections, body and even money.

Self-confidence makes a woman more attractive and comes from having proper boundaries and being able to communicate them in a way men will understand and respect.


How to Manifest, Date and Keep Your Man

In this book and the free two-week course, Robin personally walks you through the things that men crave in a girlfriend, understanding your love language, developing tasteful charm and how to spot and avoid emotionally unavailable men.

When a woman is centered on her values and principles versus on men or romance, she’ll manifest a man she’s aligned with and enjoy the giving and receiving of unconditional love that is fulfilling long term.

Robin walks you through the times when relationships go wrong, get a reset, forgive and when and how to break up in a way that leaves both people feeling good about themselves.

There are timeless seduction secrets that exist in every dating scenario, the acts and rules that make dating chemistry possible rather than the man having all the control of emotional stimulation leaving you feeling or looking needy, desperate, commonplace, or even "unqualified" for a serious commitment to a good man.

Here's what you're going to learn inside:

  • BONUS - a free two-week course with over 15 videos on how to manifest your man

  • How to set your intention before you even begin dating so you attract a good man, versus just the next man.

  • Date from your core values versus being on his agenda.

  • How to protect and exemplify you uniqueness and individuality.

  • How to handle undesirable male behavior and get the guy you want to either take you seriously or take a HIKE!

  • How to empower yourself by Owning your Needs, Desires and Boundaries

  • How to seduce a man and MELT his heart with the traits every good man wants in a girlfriend.

  • Dealing with the dangerous and common dating mistake of codependency, emotional unavailability and even how to break up.

  • Foolproof dating rules on how to flirt, be charming, communicate and touch him in ways that ATTACH his heart to you.

  • And much, much more...


Would You Like to Know More?

Begin reading the book, jump into the class and manifest your man in 30 days.

For more information, you can find Robin on all the social media channels @RobinAustinReed or website at


For over 20 Years I've been coaching, training and leading salespeople on the art of building relationships to better develop their message. After three books on relationships and personal development, I've created a FREE online course to compliment the book formed through dozens of conversations with men and women about dating, love, sex and how we do relationships.

Robin Austin Reed in pink shirt - Testimonial Texts Image from happy clients - I help men over 40 stop self sabotaging, heal their masculinity and take charge of their careers, relationships and health. Feel truly empowered, in control, and on top of the world? Tap into your masculine power, even if you’ve always lacked confidence. Command respect effortlessly, so people at work FINALLY respect you. Reignite passion and purpose, and feel like the king of your domain again.
The Warrior's Path Program is dedicated to men that want it all.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: A Strong Foundation

Get Your Energy Right


Reparenting Yourself for Emotional Health

The Five Reasons We Need Each Other

Be Uniquely You - Limitation Creates Value

Create Your Life or Tolerate the Life You Have

BONUS video : Your Values


Module 2: The Inner Woman

Do You Love Yourself

Your Love Has a Language


Understanding Codependency


The Apology Project from Men


Module 3: Dating / Courting

How to make an awesome connection with a guy online

Developing the Art of Charm


Spotting the Emotionally Unavailable Man


Successfully Meeting Men


Module 4: Understanding Men

What is Masculinity

When to Touch a Guy on a Date


Codependency Checklist

Needs Checklist

15 Styles of Distorted Thinking

BONUS Video : How to be Confident 

BONUS Video : What is Dating?

BONUS Video : Forming Honest Alliances

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