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Make a decision to END your self sabotage NOW!!


Askren Investments

Brad is a talented and ambitious real estate investor of 15 years.


He runs his own firm, acquiring profitable multi-family properties in middle American cities such as Ohio, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee, all with great cash flow.


He doesn't play with the "Big Guys" nor does he need to. He doesn't go after "sexy investments", nor does he find that appealing.

Brad's gifting is taking a smaller, measurable risk for a better return by leveraging the power of areas that will forever be RENT-ONLY and duplicate the easy-to-follow model several hundred times. Lower risks but with higher returns based upon volume. Brilliant!

We created the Investor Brief below to better communicate his value proposition and warm up potential investors.

See Brad in action at

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Noel McDermott is a London-based Psychotherapist that wanted to reach an international audience through teaching online. In less then a year, we built a YouTube channel with weekly teaching videos uploaded with complete SEO and descriptions.

Complimentary Facebook and Instagram posts were used to drive traffic to a coordinating blog post of the same title that housed the video.

The result was increased brand awareness and community engagement allowing Noel to extend his practice past physical borders and obtain international clients serviced by phone and Skype sessions.


Noel McDermott

Relationship coach, Angeline Hart had a difficult challenge:


Show other women how to have a fulfilling romantic relationship.

She targeted her message to reach professional women, most of them over 40 yrs of age, single mothers that are making an impact in their careers and community with a desire to find a suitable partner to enjoy the same.


I changed all the messaging in her website, funnels and emails with key trigger words that appealed to her demographic. 


Angeline Hart, Coach

Decide today to book a call and receive a roadmap out of self sabotage and into the intentional creation of a life worth living.

Life by Design!

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