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10 Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Life

1. Stop supporting cabal companies where you voluntarily poison yourself. Cabal companies are large chains that always have been poisoning you and will increase their poisoning of you and your family as time goes on.

Popular cabal companies are Starbucks, Walmart, McDonalds, Costco etc. etc. 

2. Stop poisoning yourself in general. A strong human is proven to never comply with evil. Poisoning yourself weakens you, your  family, your community and provides negative roll modelling for your children. The most common voluntary poisons today are coffee, alcohol, junk food and fast food. 

3. Stop watching TV. Your television is a documented military device proven to modify your behavior outside your conscious awareness. If you don't understand this fact, please watch the documentary 'Psuedology - The Art of Lying' or the documentary 'State of Mind'. 

4. Pay cash for as many things as possible in order to break the tracking of digital purchases and the data mining, which increases the screen control THEY have over you and your behavior. 

5. Find organic farmers and put your cash to good use. You will get a massive health and strength benefit from consuming live, whole, natural organic food. The stronger you are, the more 'NO's' you will generate when evil pushes on you and your family. Weak people bow to evil and the entire system is about weakening the public. Destroying the system is as easy as becoming stronger on all levels.

I regularly attend a weekly farmer's market and it's they highlight of my week. Almost all my food is locally and organically sourced. It's an eventful time with community where children come out, people bring their dogs and they congregate... just like we as communities use to do regularly.

6. Stretch tight muscles that are too short, shorten muscles that are too long (by directly exercising them) and keep your body active. Keep at a good weight, strength train and participate in fun group exercise or sport activities. 

7. Your cell phone is emitting 100 pulses per minute of DNA damaging wireless radiation. It also tracks you, listens to you and disconnects you from the outside world. THEIR intention with the cell phone is to make your life so miserable on the outside (in real life) that you eventually want to crawl into your phone to escape the harsh world that our controllers built for us in real time. They call this fake world inside the phone THE META VERSE. Practice leaving your cell phone at home. Start small, but start. 

Cell Phones (keep away at least 3 feet, hands free, airplane mode) – many cited resources in one document from mine control expert, Jason Christoff here.

EMF is so dangerous. I wear a pendant from that gives me 40 feet of protection. Looks cool too.. great conversation piece.

8. Start looking at government employment as occupations that only offer overall net harm to the entire society. Government employment starts with theft / extortion of monetary resources from others in order to facilitate positions that are either unnecessary, tyrannical or completely destructive to the community at large. Stop looking at government employment as a "dream position" and start understanding its nightmarish implications for the entire tribe.

Government employment sets up an invisible structure of slave like reflexive obedience, which the government often uses to destroy government employees first and foremost. Remember in 2021 when government forced an experimental application on their employees first? Government employment isn't a utopia. It's an ambush for self, other, the community and everyone in the tribe. Start a business that serves others. Start small and grow that business over time. 

9. Unschool your children simply because the schools exist to program the children to lust after soulless and empty government employment, to say YES to authority when they need to say NO, to fall in line with group pressure, to live inside a world where truth doesn't matter (the gender teachings is one example), to have a limited spectrum of life options and to believe that poisonous ingestions or injections don't affect their health in a negative way. That's just a short list. What's wrong with our society today and why it's crumbling is based on the mental conditioning and behavior modification tactics applied to children in government schools.

For more information on the child destructive intentions of the government school system, please read John Taylor Gatto's book "Weapons of Mass Instruction". It's free on the internet. 

10. Get your Yes's and No's right - know your boundaries!

If it makes your life better, do it.

If it makes your life worse, reject it.

If it poisons you in any way, reject it.

If it makes you healthier in any way, accept it.

If it doesn't contribute to your goals, reject it.

If it brings you closer to your goals, accept it.

If it makes you more independent, bring it in.

If it makes you more dependent, push it away.

The primary benefit for reducing toxins and insults to the body, is in regard to the resulting stress and inflammation that all of these factors inflict on the metabolism plus the changes in body shape/brain function that this stress/inflammation cycle can initiate. Gaining weight and inflammation through non-calorie insults and general stress is called environmental weight gain.

By reducing and eliminating the cause of inflammation and stress within your daily habits… diseases can lift, weight can be lost, water retention reduced, cellulite genesis halted, and all matters of health, vitality and strength increased. It’s never about “adding on” complex solutions. It’s always about “removing” what’s already hurting us and then walking effortlessly into a better way of being.

The below listed factors are greatly involved in aggravating the body and causing its breakdown. Simply stop or reduce the aggravating factors and replace those with modalities that heal or that are proven benign. Let this list guide you quickly toward all your success-based goals. Please remember as well that a polluted mind can’t think properly, so this isn’t just about the physical. Cleaning up is about the mental, the physical, the spiritual plus the financial as well. You can only succeed on all levels if your mind, body and spirit are clean. An unhealthy body is always coupled with a dysfunctional and unhealthy mind. (and mind set). The toxic modality (that you want to remove) is listed first with each point… and healing modality (that you want to implement) is listed second. Enjoy…

Teflon Pans (stainless steel) – The Devil We Know – Documentary on The Extreme Dangers of Teflon

Plastic Food Containers (Use glass instead)

Mercury Fillings (white resin) -

remove mercury fillings at dentist certified by only (Documentary

Evidence of Harm Trailer and the German documentary QueckSilbder

All Medications –

Prescription and Over the Counter (get healthy – reduce or eliminate all medications) – medications and the medical system are the #1 cause of premature death in the United States and the EU Most Astonishing Health Disaster of the 20th Century (– video from medical doctor Dr. Jospeh Mercola and book by medical doctor Dr. Carolyn Dean and Gary Null medical researcher and PhD –

Cell Phones -

Keep away at least 3 feet, hands free, airplane mode) – many cited resources in one document from Jason Christoff

Cordless Phones -

Use corded phones – the same threat applies to cordless phones as to cell phones plus wireless routers, ear buds, smart watches, fit bits, baby monitors, blue tooth, wireless speakers and any cordless wireless device etc – the best author in this field is Nick Penault and his latest book –

Wireless Routers -

Turn wireless off before bed, hard line the router as soon as possible, when you hard wire the router, make sure your computer Wi-Fi is also off) – same article from Jason Christoff on the dangers of wireless devices –

Smart TV’s -

Remove microwave emitting device – here’s some instructions for turning the Wi-Fi emitter off if that’s a possibility and here are some instructions for removing it from the TV altogether – – I personally would hire an audio/video specialist at a computer/TV store to remove this for me.

Living Too Close To Power Lines -

Think about making a move – both large open area power lines and thicker neighborhood power lines are an issue

Staying Up Past 10:30 -

Getting Up Before The Sun –

Get up with the sun – same information as point 10. You need to sync to the cycles of the sun, regardless of season, to stay in optimal health.

Chemicals Common In Non Organic Processed Foods -

Eat more natural, organic food. Again... develop a relationship with local provdiers

Pesticides Common On Non Organic Produce -

Pesticides and Chemicals Common in Non-Organic Meat -

Reduce meat but eat according to your metabolic type – eat organic)

Genetically Modified Foods -

Use organic only, especially in the GMO food categories)

Coffee –

Pasteurized Commercial Fruit Juices-

These are loaded with sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and preservatives - Make your juice fresh.

Sugar Based Energy Drinks Like Gatorade, Powerade - Quit Immediately!

Caffeine Based Energy Drinks Like Red Bull, Rock Star etc (quit immediately)

Under Arm Deodorants with Aluminum -

use aluminum free – avoid all aluminum based products –

Fluoride Tooth Pastes (use fluoride free) and

Chocolate and Caffeine Based Teas (quit) – same as caffeine-based info above

Non-Organic Personal Care Products (start subbing in organic) – comic and accurate

All Alcohol (quit) –

Flavored Waters - drink only spring or natural sparkling

Fabric Softener (quit or use natural options) – softener falls in this category

Artificial Sweeteners (quit) (

Microwaved Food -

Wheat Gluten –

wheat pizza, pasta, breads, bagels, pancakes, toast etc – (go organic and gluten free) and

Pasteurized Dairy -

Use unpasteurized organic or quit - Great article here and video below:

Toxic Conventional Sunscreens -

Use full spectrum non-toxic versions. Great video here and below:

Too Frequent and Too Intense Exercise -

Listen to your body. Marathoners, CrossFit, Spartan, Tough Mudder and other extreme sports and be very damaging on your body.

Tattoos and Piercings -

quit… everyone has them, they’re not original. and and

Junk food, Candy, Sweets, Ice Cream, Pastries, Pies

Movie Theatre Popcorn Butter –

huge cancer causer – bring healthy snacks

The Toxic Coating Inside All Take Out Containers -

don’t pollute, protect your health as well… don’t use them -

Stale and Uncirculated Air Inside The Home (open the windows often)

Elective Surgeries That Leave Foreign Objects Inside The Body -

Work on decorating the inside instead – love yourself as you are or explant.

Non-Elective Surgeries That Remove Organs -

Live healthy, question the belief that you can be healthy without all your parts.

Stinkin Thinking – an addiction to crisis and chaos – (get healthy and the mind changes itself for the better) –6 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy (

Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances and Sprays (sub in organic versions) –

Toxic House Cleaning Supplies (sub in organic versions - I use the Puracy line of products and they work amazing!

Vaccines (educate before you vaccinate – many doctors don’t vaccinate their own children or themselves… find out why) – TruNews: Dr. Robert Malone – Don't Vaccinate Children! (

Aluminum Pans and Tin Foils -

Use steel-based cooking pots, and pans, the gold standard is sold from salad master , and if in the US, Sadie King can service you directly

Chlorine In Tap Water and Swimming Pools -

Salt water pool to swim in, clean spring water to drink- – filter for shower head and bath and

Conventional Table Salt -

Use Himalayan sea salt instead.

Commercial Low-Quality Vitamins, Protein Powders, Supplements -

Use Innate Response or Mega Food Organic) –

Margarine -

Use organic butter, ghee and coconut oil)

Commercial Salad Dressings -

Ones that use soy, canola, corn, cottonseed, safflower or sunflower oils (make your own with olive oil)

Smoking Marijuana and vaping.

Smoking Cigarettes (quit) –

Light from TV or Computer Screen After Sun Down –

Pop and Diet Pop

Quit or get your affairs in order

Junk Food

And Fast Food - love and care for yourself to a higher standard.

Sunglasses –

Don’t wear them as much as possible or never wear sunglasses. The reason these items cause weight gain, disease, brain damage, self-sabotage and cellulite etc are because every one of these items are proven to stress the body. The stress system is the fat gain system.

Stress -

A body under stress increases fat gain and water retention in an attempt to dilute and buffer the toxic insult. Cortisol, a stress hormone, when in excess, causes brain damage. A stressed body can’t make optimal decisions as well because it’s in a low IQ fight, flight or freeze mode of operation.

Although one item on the list most often won’t cause a massive amount of fat gain or disease on its’ own, combining these toxic attacks (one on top of each other) can indeed trigger large increases in weight gain and sudden onset of chronic disease.

Go over the list and see what items you can remove from your lifestyle, in an effort to accomplish your health and life success related goals.


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