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A Letter to The Single Mom

My mother was such a special woman. 

Her job was never over, not counting or caring about the hours she invested. 

Now, as a grown man, I look back and can't imagine her having to do the job alone.  I'm surrounded my many amazing women that are mothers and I feel blessed for the special flavor they bring to life. 

So to all you single mom's out there, I wrote this on mothers day 2009 and thought I would share it with you.

A young girl walks down the isle to unite on her blissful wedding day….. she receives the news that 9 months later a package from God is on its way. Watch the right words drop sweet tears from her beautiful eyes…. the preacher talks to Jesus to please bless this brand new life. Her vale is lifted to reveal her face so sweet and the angels sing aloud…. the rest of us will be the needed ones to help raise her child so proud. She's nervous and excited, will she be the mother full of love and always true…. Will she carry this newness with strength and impart all the wisdom she knew. Seal the love to her child with a kiss as she lays down to sleep in his bed… praying to God that she has the wisdom to impart all that needs to be said. Suddenly events change and she's thrust into a new life all on her own… confused and sad that the dream of family she's now forced to disown. "Where did you go" comes her restless cries in the night…. fears, resentment knowing she's just holding on too tight. His absence is like the sky of her life and spreads over everything… What does she do with the love expressed and the song she once sang. Did she loose her prince to death, another person or just discontentment… Oh sweet girl, your journey is not over and life will not be one of resentment. Promises pledged amidst spring flowers, cashed in at February's grayness…. Is now her life, thrown into a world of needed decisions to be brought to test. She boldly climbs over all the hills hoping to drink from the promised fountain… Then looks up to find herself staring at the foot of a perilous mountain. All she wants is her precious child to know the life she once had… But instead she's forced to become a shield from a dead-beat-dad. She looks at other moms that exist in what she once lived and wants more…. Wondering if she'll live the rest of her days, ever again to be adored. Will that missing love find her again and accept all her life decisions before…. Or will the next man again leave her empty, taking only more and more. She nervously gets ready for that next date, applying color and adoring her hair…. Hoping that she's met a man that will be kind, valiant and show her a life that is fair. Her spirit is rich with life and she's so much more than just a single mom…. But this life makes her wonder if she's enough to raise another all on her own. Prayers lifted upward fill her lonely nights while listening for the cries in the room next door…. Her courage will be rewarded and the day will come where her faith will be restored. Her prayers are answered with assurances that she will not be forgotten and will not be alone…. All God asks is that she look to Him and not turn the precious heart He gave her to stone. Sweet girl, when life feels like it's upside down and must provide for two… You know there is someone in the corner who will be there for you. You are a crown jewel of our lives around us, dear single mom… You're an inspiration to me and the ones watching to always keep on. As this time approaches, don't feel like you're not complete but rather hear the world say…. It is you that we find so special and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day. ~May 10, 2009

Mothers of the world. 

May your spirit live on knowing you're appreciated and loved as you tirelessly work to raise our children. 

We admire your perseverance and courage.

We Love you.


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