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Accessorized Hugo Boss Suedes

My latest acquisition: a really cool pair of tan Hugo Boss suede wingtips. Classic style!  They have white soles and wear great with jeans or casual slacks.

These were slipped on immediately and worn around an outside La Jolla mall where they were acquired while on a trip with a friend. They came with a tan/brown pair of laces, very Hugo Boss style but I wanted more.  While getting some tailoring done at an Austin haberdasher boutique called, Keepers, I saw these laces in many different colors, blue being one of them.

There I was, angels singing in the background, Mercedes (my lovely clothier) starring at me with a playful grin and I'm being drawn in to this display of laces of colors. I was hooked!  There was no escape!  I quickly turned to Mercedes and asked, “would these light blue laces look GREAT on my Hugo Boss shoes.” She read me like a book. I only wanted one answer, “YES, by all means Mr Reed, you would look like a man stud in those!”

The laces were quickly acquired, installed and proudly displayed with shoe trees in a well crafted closet. Thanks Mercedes and Keepers!

Guys have the hardest time looking stylish. We just don't have the choices that women do and it's our fault! The fashion industry caters to women because they're the market. Guys (in general) don't care and simply want to be comfortable, apparently at all costs.

My fellow men of the world, you CAN be both comfortable and look presentable. A haberdasher once said, “you don't have to dress expensive, just look SPIFFY.  Wherever you go, put a little thought into it and look spiffy.” 

I thought that was brilliantly said.

I enjoy fashion. It's a creative expression, a stage you're setting that allow others to see you in different ways. When I was 22, I made custom suits for the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks and really got to know and understand the industry and just how grand it really is.

For guys that want a little help, I do a style makeover for fun. It's ridiculously inexpensive and done for fun in hopes to assist my fellow man in not being judged simply because of lack of knowledge in how to clothe himself.

Check it out if you want to go have a blast together and I can make you look FANTASTIC on a budget shopping at Super Target, WalMart, Macy's (for their sales), Goodwill, thrift stores, DSW shoes and Ross. 

I can clothe a guy and make him look great for a thousand dollars (not including suits).  Once you look presentable, you're ready to graduate to amazing men's boutiques. (such as Keepers)

There is NO reason to look shabby when spiffy is within your reach.

Accessorize your life and feel great!

Happy Socks!!


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