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Are you charming? Rate yourself here.

Do you want to be a charming man? Women, do you want to meet a truly charming man and wonder if this is a lost art? This is a story regarding “Charm” from one of my female readers that gives amazing insights to what she wants to experience from charming men.

“Hey Robin. I love the idea of men being stylish and charming. Makes me realize that I've been really fortunate to have known some wonderfully charming men. I only wish there was a picture that really encompassed the spirit of what charm is. I think one of the reasons charm is so mistrusted these days is that it was manipulated from it's original essence into a tool used by men who use women. I've been the recipient of both kinds of charm, and true charm is not a means to a sexual encounter. For example, I attended a dinner with a former boss and a few of his clients. These men were all extremely well dressed, very intelligent, knowledgeable on several subjects, good conversationalists, and overall very engaging. That dinner will be one of the most cherished experiences I've ever had. They made me feel beautiful, alluring, protected and secure. They weren't just charming me to get my pants off. They were just charming. And they were charming with each other, too. It created an environment where each member of the dinner party was invited to fully be themselves. Charm opened the door for a deep connection, and sex had nothing to do with it.” ~Crystal

Her story tells us so much because at her heart, she wants to trust that men are being charming just for the sake of charm itself, just to be adoring. So many times, “Charm” goes wrong because it's often followed up with manipulation and other dark characteristics with leadership and influence.

True charm, from the heart, given with an intention of truly connecting to another is an elegant expression and a major maneuver is self-confidence.

Rate yourself with these five thought provoking questions:

  1. Are others drawn to you naturally?

  2. Do people engage you on their terms?

  3. How do you make others feel both at ease and challenged?

  4. Are overused greetings and mindless pleasantries part of your regular vocabulary? (be different)

  5. What events is your social calendar filled with and is their variety?

Re-capture The Art of Charm and use it softly with others to develop your relationships and enhance your experiences.

For more on developing a charming personality and engaging others, message me and let's talk.  I am currently in research phases to develop an Art of Charm course and seeking collaboration.

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