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Be A Builder

Builders inspire the world. 

What they do, how they think, their grandiose ideas that are constantly flowing out of their minds.  I've been a builder from birth, constantly dreaming and searching for the creation of greatness. 

Admittedly, I've struggled with the implementation and the consistency needed to actually see the creation launch, grow legs and run on its own.  My mind is bigger than reality and I've had to discipline myself to come to the day and work a plan that feels..well…boring. Years later, I'm embracing this nature and in doing so, I've attracted other Builders to me.  Finding ways to stay engaged and interested without suffocating this larger than life spirit has grown me as a coach. 

I would set sales goals, calling requirements, call blocking, managing the schedule…all pragmatic left brained activities that never seemed to resonate.  Even the mere mention of these activities deflated a wonderful energy that resonated from within.

Then it hit me!  How could I have been so painfully blind?  Be a Builder!  Connect, lead, love, introduce and take others to places where their dreams and hopes are revitalized.  Create a schedule full of appointments to connect.  No intention, no agenda, no goal…just pure connection.  And these meetings will go for hours!

The Sales Director side of me is challenged in looking at life in how we can GET IT DONE!  You know…sell, sell, sell.  Push the limits, grow the company and win!  Then there's the Builder.    You're not always suppose to be “successful” doing it MY way. 

Growing to relax and surrender to a sense of things.  To connect to people again, listen to them and build value in unique and nontraditional ways.

Since my epiphany, I've been introduced to people with big hearts, ambitious dreams and a desire to be more.  These Builders recruit, introduce, sold, sought, met and encouraged people to not give up, to build something of their own.  As a result, my new business is expanding, my coaching practice has re-formed itself and I've embraced a few of my own dormant dreams…to build again.

I'm grateful to be included in the Builders of the world.  The ones that have an entrepreneurial sense of things and challenge the normal to form new alliances, grow wings to fly and do what others are unwilling or unable too.

I love you.




bildər/ noun:

  1. a person who constructs something by putting parts or material together over a period of time.”a boat builder”

  2. synonyms:  constructor, contractor, creator, maker; More


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