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Carlsbad Rock n Roll 5000

Sunday, April 2, 2017 4:30pm 5:30pm The Village of Carlsbad Carlsbad, CA USA (map)

The Carlsbad 5000 has become known as one of the fastest 5k's in the world due to an excellent climate and flat surfaces. The announcer said that over 16 records have been made here at this race.

Needless to say, I was among the world's most elite runners.

A series of four 5k's, ran one per hour in different age groups which meant that the crowd was constantly changing.

The "All Day" runners were a group within a group that ran all four races and rested in an ALL DAY LOUNGE in between each race. Snacks and water were provided behind a roped off area that created a cool sense of comradery among the group. Definitely one of my favorite races!

The Expo was held outside in charming, downtown Carlsbad Village. Race registration was much more simple than their other, larger races but still organized, true to the good folks at Rock n' Roll Marathons / Competitor Group.

I retrieved my BIB number, a bag of goodies and, after trying on my new tech running shirt, was quickly off to visit the other vendors and grab a craft burger at the nearby 83 Degrees restaurant. The killer surprise, I was joined by my good buddy, Reggie and his wife, Elizabeth. Reg is a super cool guy to hang with since this year, he's doing 40 races for his 40th birthday. Check out his journey on Facebook.

I always lay out my gear the night before. Since this was a series of short, fast races, I went with 2XU compression gear with a triathlon jersey top that vents well with an extended zipper, keeping my arms free. The Under Armour Men's Shadow Cap 3.0 ($16.49) is great for running since hit fits any size head and is great at whicking the sweat away and giving your eyes shade from a morning sunrise.

The races kicked off bright and early at 7am. Wearing arm warmers helped tremendously and these Voltaica sleeves were perfect. I acquired these at the Expo of the Rock N' Roll Mexico City race just a couple of weeks before and they turned out to be a great purchase.

The time on my first 5k was 21:33. At just under a 7 min pace, I was happy with the results. My times naturally dropped slowly over the following three races

My Results

Standing at the finish line, watching the Elite runners warm up for their races was inspiring. These are some of the best runners in the world and had an intensity to them you could feel. I took two medals: A Finisher medal and another for completing the All Day race in the Top 250. Rock n" Roll has amazing medals and rewards runners with all kinds of personal bests, finishing courses and running multiple races.


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