Crazy Chemistry

Two friends that get that one glance... Instantly things change forever locked in trance. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of true friendship turned more)

Yet two more live and love with hopes of forever Only to eventually surrender a life together. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of unfortunate divorce)

A young man sees that sweet girl from across a crowded room. Just at that moment he makes a commitment to be her future groom. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of a romantic optimist)

A husband loves her and faithfully makes every right endeavor. Only to never know or understand why that old lost love she will not sever. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of lost love)

The weak & faint-hearted claim women are mysterious... The distrusting & wounded think that men are delirious. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of the boring)

She's the woman for him to avoid her trap. He's the man that she thinks is full of.... ~Crazy Chemistry! (That's entertaining at best)

Why do we knowingly chase what we can't obtain? Why do we lay awake those dreams to maintain? ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of our dreams & hopes)

Why are some of us just the best of friends & nothing more? While others of us we instantly have a connection to the core? ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of timing)

It's not always sexual, it’s not always romantic. Whatever that certain something is, we're all kept frantic. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of circumstance)

It's the sweet older couple, in love for 60plus years. It's the young couple that presses past the beginning tears. ~Crazy Chemistry! (Of the blessed)

Now I'm not saying I'm tired of the chase and the chemistry game. Just curious if my chemistry will ever reveal another's face & name.

Oh, baby girl....we will have such crazy, crazy chemistry!

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