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Documentaries that Prove COVID Fraud

If anyone has any more documentaries that are missing from the list below, please send them to me, so I can keep the list up to date.

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19. The Truth About Ivermectin plus A Second Film and yet Another Film (proving that Ivermectin would have helped save people in hospitals so they decided to demonize it and allow people to die regardless)

43. The Research Cartel (still in production)

48. Super Spreader - TRAILER

56. Pandamned -The Documentary (please select your language by clicking CC, which means closed caption at the bottom of the movie screen)

Every documentary above can be explained in this one film called TRANCE - a documentary about secret government mind control experiments on the public.

Everything the government and media have done to the public over the last 3 years, under the guise of COVID, are documented applications of mind control experiments carried out over the last 100 years and much father back in history.

Here's over 30 other documentaries proving that all vaccines are based on nothing but fraud, deceit and corruption. The only reason people are injecting poison into themselves and their own children (and calling it vaccination) is based on the mind control research discussed openly in the documentary TRANCE.

For more information on the documented mind control tactics used against the public, which force plenty of citizens to do many illogical and irrational things every single day, please click here. Inside that link is a good list of mind control documentaries.

The government and media are using documented mind control tactics against the general public and have been for quite some time.



Wow, I truly had no idea this information ran so deep. Thank you!

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