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Evil Attacks When Humanity Is Weak

The above picture is very sad.

It does highlight why evil has attacked us so hard this time around....and that's because our society has been purposely weakened.

The weapon used in this attack by evil was media and government. The government school system brainwashed 3-4 generations of citizens to believe that the government was an altruistic force. When the government organized this medical cull, only 30-35% of the population were strong enough to see what was actually happening.

The media and government brainwashing infiltrated about 60% of the population in Western countries....but not in Africa where the citizens there are wise to these historical scams.

In Africa only a very small percentage of the population fell for the COVID con job. White nations were also told repetitively that they were super smart because they did well in the government indoctrination camps.

This time that false sense of intelligence and security was taken full advantage of. People who took these injections of poison are now dying live on camera, simply because so many fell for the con.

The solution to weakness and fantasy-based living is strength and reality-based living. It takes 12 years to bring a conventional vaccine to market and 96% of all proposed vaccines never make it to market because they couldn't meet the standard (yet flawed and fraudulent) criteria.

This COVID injection was using a technology never utilized before on humans, so 20 years plus was needed for proper research...and yet it came to market in only 10 months. That was the first red flag beyond the fact that no SARS-COV-2 virus ever existed and no health crisis ever existed in 2020 or 2021.

It was all fake...all of it. You know where COVID existed? COVID existed in the same place where Thor and Darth Vadar exist....inside the screen. That was it. There were 1000 other red flags after that and now the cull is upon us. I would suggest everyone start building their strength. Getting an all-access pass to my work is a great place to start.

You can't get strong unless you know how they trick you to be the weakest version of yourself. I'll show you all the tricks they use to make you weak, so you comply.

After that, you'll have the strength to say NO to your worst life and to psychopaths trying to poison you and your family off the planet. If you've taken the shot, please do the detox.

Lawyers had to sue the US government to get just some of the death and injury figures from the fake COVID vaccine. Once you see the figures, it's easy to understand why the criminal government was trying to hide this information.

The amount of athletes dropping dead plus having heart attacks and strokes is accelerating into the stratosphere. Athletes are usually very obedient to peer pressure and group conformity, which made them easy prey for the ancient groups organizing this worldwide cull.

The UK government's data comes to the same conclusions as the US data. The cull is on and the bio weapon is working as designed, on the heels of the greatest psychological operation in recorded history.

Your newspapers, radio, TV's and movie screens are the modern weapons of war being used against you and your family.

Instead of watching Netflix, maybe watch one documentary per night about how the government and media lied to you about everything COVID. You would need 55 nights to get through the documentaries on this list alone. The COVID con fooled many and more cons are coming.

But like a bad infomercial....WAIT THERES MORE!

The fake COVID injection is also proven to cause brain damage, cancer, infertility, auto immune disease and so much more. DO THE DETOX TODAY, if you've taken any of the shots.

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