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5 Items Made for Slaves to Keep them Addicted and Distracted (that work on you too!)

I remember the first time.

I nagged dad to let me try.

I begged mom to give it to me once.

Then they did.

  • Beer was bitter.

  • Wine was sour.

  • Coffee was burnt water.

  • And whiskey…. Oh shit, that was acid.

“It’s an acquired taste” my father said with a wink, tossing down his first.

“It relaxes me” mom said, pouring her second from the box.

Toby Keith says it’s better in a red solo cup.

Countless articles tell me wine is good for my heart due to some trace amount of something called, “resveratrol”. Hmm…

Yet I watched them die.

I held the hands of the enslaved, dried their tears, witnessed the signature on the divorce decree, retrieved the car impounded and testified in DUI trials.

I’ve seen licenses revoked, futures altered, dreams smashed on bottles broken.

I’ve felt the pounds of angry belts and fists, their eyes darkened, the ego on full tilt to deliver justice of a boy’s misgivings.

I’ve witnessed good men leave, and bad men stay. Mothers miss the recitals, forgetting time in their neighborhood wine mommy dates.

Marriage, death, graduation, promotion, holiday, birthday, bad times, good times.. it matters not.

The bottle, the cigarette, the food, the idolatrous substance designed to give us a moment of reprieve only to take us far from God - awaits.

When do we emerge from the caves of retreat that our shame spirals cast us in to?

When oh my friends…

When are we free from the world that is inside of us?

Below are 5 things made to keep slaves (literal slaves) addicted and distracted.

1. Alcohol

Causes brain damage, cancer, decreases life span in any amount consumed, lowers IQ, increases efficiency of mind control by activating the threat based fight or flight system, which ends in the up regulation of poorly thought out reactions and the down regulation of logical/rational analysis.

Photo by

2. Caffeine/Coffee/Caffeinated Pops/Teas/Energy Drinks/Pre Workout

"Forgive me, I've only had two cups of coffee," my colleague says apologetically for not being able to recall something on command.

Coffee shops are on almost every corner and there are some nefarious agendas included with Starbucks, a company that was going bankrupt until the one and only, Bill Gates stepped in and bailed them out.

I doubt Bill Gates wants you to be happy with your daily coffee.

Decreases IQ, activates the short term thinking part of the brain complex, increases compliance, increases obedience to command, increases focus on single tasks while reducing focus away from the big picture, destroys pattern recognition ability, makes the slavery feel groovy, makes people do boring tasks longer, perfect for the human cattle herded into soulless jobs down in the big city centers of the human farming operation - alcohol and coffee are the "slave juices" offered everywhere in the slave camp. 

3. Watching TV and Movies

Beyond the feel good movie of your youth, most movies are loaded with mind control and negative content that causes you to self sabotage.

As a writer and storyteller, this was a hard one for me - I loved movies.

Designed as documented military weapons proven to modify the behavior, beliefs and ideas of anyone watching them, induces trance brainwave state called Alpha, proven to cause brain damage in the frontal lobe or prefrontal cortex (which is the higher IQ center of the brain), weaponized currently to change up to down, black to white, left to right, health to disease, freedom to slavery and moral to immoral. 

Be very weary of movies - and eliminate all television.

4. Voting

Admittedly, I grew up very religions and my family wasn't political at all. The whole system is confusing and racquet and the more I learn, the more difficult it is to understand.

Sound familiar?

Sure, cause that's the way the Deep State Globalists want it - attention robbed and confused.

Voting helps maintain the illusion of control even though each law is planned decades in advance and doesn't reflect the will of the people whatsoever, creates a form of laziness regarding self determination and self responsibility in relation to governing oneself, invented to hijack natural genetic instincts to be ruled, governed or cared for by a parent/authority figure when in childhood, invokes a form of perpetual infantilization, with the end result being a society that begs to be led, bullied and coerced because it's simply easier to be ruled by parent like third parties than to rule yourself when you live in a permanent childhood, not ruling oneself also gives the slave more time to drink alcohol, drink coffee, watch TV, self gratify, seek pleasure over knowledge and consume every other chemical/spiritual poison under the rainbow. 

That was a rant of a sentence - read it twice, but our voting system is rigged and robs us of our natural energy to create our own world.

5. Health Care

You can't rule lions, only lambs and in order to rule 8 billion people, you need to use various psychological manipulation tactics to literal weaponize the people against themselves and against each other.

No one has the physical might to force poison 8 billion people overtly so you must use various covert psychic manipulation modalities to make people poison themselves and honor the people poisoning them, when the poison makes the slave sick, you must keep telling the slaves that they're only one additional dose of poison away from perfect health.....Wash, rinse, must weaponize the people against themselves and literally create an army of people destroying themselves every single day.

You don't need to invade the country of your enemy anymore, you just the use media to convince the people to invade themselves and take themselves out before the enemy arrives into the country without resistance because everyone destroyed themselves because the TV and movies told them to with subliminal messaging.

If you want to unslave, you will have to start thinking about how you are weaponized against yourself.

Do you control your behaviors?

This one question when asked honestly will open up all kinds of introspection.

Notice the photos I used to describe these traps (except for the doctors), all of them were very alluring. You may have even tasted the alcohol or coffee just looking at the photos - that's programming.

Don't worry, I will guide you into new messages that will create different behaviors automatically and your desire for these things will disappear. I promise.

You can't be free of the world, if the world is inside you.


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