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Five Ways to Determine if Your Business is Conscious.

[youtube] What is Conscious Capitalism? I'm really inspired by the discussion! Watch this 3 min video on an emerging trend to ask the deeper questions about having meaning and purpose in their business. The world is awakening to ask the WHY behind what they do and creating the social currency to empower the end user. Explore what it means to have a socially conscious business so we can drive purpose into our business pursuits for the greater good and a sustainable future.

Here are five key points to consider if your business is “Conscious”:

1. Ever been in a meeting and there is this collective energy that forms pushing an idea forward and NOBODY is asking the deeper and sometimes obvious questions? If someone actually does speak up, they are ostracized and isolated from the group? Welcome to “Group Think”.

2. Does you boss, CEO or supervisor regularly ask YOU for feedback on performance and overall business operations? This is a huge indicator that the company is open to great ideas, wherever they may come from.

3. Does your team regularly discuss ways to innovate OR do you hear phrases like “it's against company policy” or worse, “this is the way we've always done it”? When you bring up a new idea, there is a slight tilt of head, the tone changes and you receive a condescending comment such as, “Oh watch out everyone, miss fancy pants is making changes again!” The group giggles in awkwardness and you're idea is silenced.

4. Good decisions and creativity regularly take a backseat to long-established roles, policies and ways of operation that keep everyone entrenched in the lure of safety.

5. You, as a better candidate for the job, are passed up due to someone else with more tenure.

Asking these five questions about your business (or job) are great ways to determine the culture of your work and if you, as someone that desires innovation, is a good fit for the environment.

More and more companies are making this shift and even building separate departments that educate, give back and raise awareness to life cause(s) and charitable pursuits.

** What is conscious capitalism to you? **

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