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Five Ways to Write a Love Note

the blackboard send the chills down your spine as your head snaps forward to make sure she's not captured you in your maneuvering. 

You've fixed your eyes on the cute number two seats behind you, she's raised her brow at you, even blown you off a bit to indicate disinterest but you know differently.  You won't be dissuaded.  Your intentions are clear and there's no stopping that heartbeat of synchronicity.

Ah young love.  The pen is drawn, forward  you push past all resistance to spill your heart onto this piece of paper to unveil your affections for the cutest girl that God had the goodness to grace the planet just for you.  You absolutely must level the playing field and see if she returns your undying zest.

The Love Note is born!

In a world of digital wander land, where we all interact at lightning speeds on micro bits of imperfect data with cheap winks and likes, we're drowning in the nothingness of obscurity, longing for a genuine expression rich with its own originality.  The preciousness of the love note was traded in for emoticons and witty combinations of characters that symbolize sideways happy faces. 

Women everywhere are turning to literotica and it's a rare man that knows the ongoing scent of a letter, opened slowly enough to be intoxicated with the perfume that fills his nostrils and drifts through his soul.

Let the love note return to us with a power we've never known.

Here are the top five ways to write a powerful love note that will raise eyebrows, leave lasting impressions and catapult you to new heights of romance and relationships gorgeousness:

  1. Don't hold back. Go all in and say something original.  Anything original is great. (and authentic)

  2. Think about your subject of interest: what do you hope to achieve?  How do you want them to feel?

  3. Surrender all expectations, let go, throw in the towel and slowly dangle the carrot of love.

  4. Be funny.  Guys, you want to make her grin like a little girl.  Gals, you want him to want you, but go slow and slightly allusive.

  5. It's not about you.  The purpose of the love note is to leave a lasting impression.

In my previous days filled with real estate pursuits, I would hand write five personal notes per day to clients and my network often including Starbucks gift cards on birthdays or free McDonald's ice cream cones for client's children. At parties, people would often introduce me to others and mention a hand written note or card I sent them….a year ago.

I've written a love note to EVERY woman I've ever loved, cared for or was important to me (and a few men too!) often gluing cutout cartoons as illustrations.  Throw it out there, be wild and free! Who cares if you're misunderstood or note is perceived well, be original and different enough to take your hand with pen and send others a note of expression, even if just to say “thank you”.

Let the love (friend, thank you, get well, congrats, etc) note reign once again in this next decade as we boldly find new ways and embrace old ways to connect.

Long live the love of humanity!!


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