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Get Your Energy at Its Best

Ever carried around energy that just didn't serve you?  You're feeling upset or unsupported and have negative feelings inside you causing distress? This is from an amazing energy worker that showed me how to ground myself to create confidence and a sense of empowerment. Thank you Renee!

  1. Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed

  2. Drop a grounding cord (from the bottom of your spine)

  3. Make the cord as big as a hollowed out tree trunk….

  4. Make the cord broader than your body and aura

  5. Add a Teflon coating inside the cord so that all the energy that is not yours slips down this cord with grace and ease (if you'd like, you can give it a bright or neutral color)

  6. At the top of the grounding cord, see a switch (like a light switch)  Turn this switch on, you have officially set your grounding cord on release. Energy, that is not yours, will go down your grounding cord. Next …. Put your focus on the bottom of your feet

  7. See earth tone colors coming in through the bottom of your feet (your feet chakras)

  8. Watch that beautiful, crisp earth color swirling around your feet, ankles traveling up your calves, knees, thighs, butt making its way towards your 1st chakra. Washing and cleansing as it goes

  9. Once the earth energy reaches your 1st chakra, have 70% of break off and go down your grounding cord. The remaining 30% can swish and swirl around your chakra.

  10. Do this loop for a few minutes …. running your earth energy.

  11. Next … put your focus on the cosmos (above your head … way above your head)

  12. See a color (I often see purple)

  13. Make it fresh energy, calling in this beautiful cosmic energy from an area of the cosmos that hasn't been tapped into

  14. Have that beautiful energy come in through your crown chakra

  15. Watch it as it makes its way down through your crown washing and cleansing as it goes … the head, back of the eyes, ears, neck

  16. Continue watching this cosmic energy travel down your back channels … washing and cleansing as it makes its way down your back (there are two channels, whatever that means to you will be fine)

  17. Watch that cosmic energy travel down to your 1st chakra

  18. Meeting up with the earth energy

  19. With 70% of the combined earth and cosmic mixture going down your grounding cord

  20. Keep this loop going for a few seconds, a few minutes, a few hours

  21. Next … The remaining 30% earth and cosmic combination will travel up your front channel (one channel) washing and cleansing all your chakras as it travels towards your shoulders

  22. At your shoulders, have 5% of the combined earth and cosmic energy go down your right arm and another 5% go down your left arm (your arms are your creative channels, clearing them of blocks is like creating a concerto)

  23. When you're ready, continue traveling up the chakras with the combined earth and cosmic energy dusting off and spinning the remaining chakras (6th & 7th)

  24. Eventually spouting out of your crown chakra …. like a waterfall

  25. And then watch this waterfall of beautiful energy wash off each layer of your aura (7 layers that coincide with the chakras)

  26. Are there rips & tears on the aura that need mending? Dark spots? Whatever doesn't belong there will wash off with grace and ease

  27. You can even place a color onto each layer of the aura.

  28. Remember, the top layer is what others see.

  29. Finish off with a golden sun. Call in a sun, watch it fill it up with your essence, that's all the energy you left elsewhere throughout your day, week, year, lifetime. When it's nice and full, crack it open (like an egg) over your crown chakra and let your essence seep into your body. There's plenty of room for “you” as you had already rid yourself of all the other energy that wasn't yours. (via the ground cord)

If you're feeling cranky, it's likely some energy, that's not yours, has gotten inside of you.

Follow the steps above.

Place roses around you (catcher's mitt)

Check in with the roses, if they look wilted, change them (as often as you need)

Enjoy ….. And that is the basics to running your energy.


Renee is a powerful energy worker and healer out of San Diego, CA.  Connect with Renee on Facebook here.


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