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Hello Fellow Traveler

"Hey Fellow Traveler." 

Those three words have become the sweet place of safety for oh so many of us that have embraced the journey to heal.  "Heal?", you inquire? Yes, heal and become and stumble and transcend and find out what it's like to move past the behavioral modification of religious metrics to discover....ourselves, our TRUE selves.  T

he self that got muted somewhere along the way to making a living, making love, making the bed and just making fucking sense!

The twelve steps. No, it's not for degenerate alcoholics, too hammered to handle their alcohol. No, it's not for needle jabbing, narcotic-riddled losers that think 'HI' is a state versus a greeting.  And freaking's not for people that have hit a rock bottom so low that even breathing hurts.

It's for the ones that want more. Much more. Not rockstar fame or wealth beyond measure, no no...a different kind of more. The more that we're deserved and promised as a birthright, as something so deep inside our core we can't take one more breath in our lungs without raising our tired face and weakened arms to the sky and saying, "Higher Power, I surrender and chose love today."

If this isn't you, that's totally okay but do me a favor and stick to your own ground and don't mingle, meddle or cause mischief in ours. We are ones that understand the pain of defeat and the agony of victory. Spare me your pearls of wisdom and your shiny nuggets of gold polished truth. We've tasted the blood, sweat and tears all too common with this journey and are here to be counted. 

We learn to be among the ones that chose to listen to a higher calling of life, learning to love and be in a tribe that bring the authentic to this life.

We are here. We matter. We will become what our Higher Power intended.


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