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How It All Plays Out

How do I exist to fly in the deep blue skies you placed in my eyes when I'm continuously trapped in the mud from this life's constant floods?

Are you listening to my pleas? Who am I if you don't tell me?

The world makes me hurt and brings to my knees.

Like a wave tossed in the ocean do you hear me when I'm calling. I pray and plead, weak in my faith that you will catch me when I'm falling.

The agony of defeat only replaced by the thrill of victory…. my pursuits of happiness & joy are allusive & one big mystery.

I ask my best guardian angels to stand behind me in every fight. I believe in our great America and pray for her directed might.

I sometimes look out & get discouraged by circumstance…. only thing that helps is to know that nothing happens by chance.

What do we all do with these normal wants & needs... how much time do I spend to send all this upward from my knees.

I clinch my desperate fist at you in anger & despair... only to turn around, broken when I feel the wind in my hair.

I know this world & life is not all there is for me… but is it wrong to want a victory for others to see?

Let's all push and reach to others to get off this crazy pace... showing there is better place to run a different kind of race.

Don't give up on me till I give up on myself…. I'm not dead & my talent isn't sitting on a shelf.

How do me trust & live day-by-day for your glory... when I desperately want to know the ending of my story.

Will a sweet little voice ever call out Daddy while looking up at me... my strong arms are the refuge place where she can just be.

I picture a sweet little blue eyed precious blonde... she dresses herself so shoes are always on wrong.

She will belong to a beautiful wife I get to call mine & keep from harm. An angel sent straight from above for me to keep charmed.

I promise to hold that beautiful chosen one tight…. working so hard just to do this one thing right.

Winking & grinning at her every time I speak…. Eager to see how she looks with the blush of her cheek.

I miss my fellow soldier that God took way to soon. (Tom Bailey)

I use to talk to him about all this, now I just shout at the moon.

Doesn't God know that I needed you to help guide me thru... even for you to to show me how to tell a future bride "I Do".

My days are short and lonely nights are long… lay down with memories that keep me going on.

I’m curious while I sit & stare wondering if I'll see your face you even care?

To the allusive life that evades me….I will see you soon.

Robin 6/30/2007

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