I just want to touch you

It's not that we don't care. We just forget. Ya, that's a shitty excuse, but it's true.

Our world is one of highly-tuned compartmentalization, where order exists by means of continual maintenance of the things that define us as men.

We neglect you out of the things we don't do because you are a compartment we forget to open. You are the precious thing that gets stored away so you don't get all messed up in the chaos of trying so fucking hard to keep things together. We don't want you to see just how hard we try and so you're distanced, placed on the shelf and forgotten about.

We take you out of storage like a child proud of his new toy but then it's too late. Your heart has closed on us. Our intentions were pure, but methods were weak and we failed to tell you JUST how much we want you…until someone else did.

It takes strength to love well.

~Love Letters

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