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Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it…To endure endless, lonely weekends of the night... Just to be ready to hold that special chosen one tight?

Is it worth it…

To be laughed at, frustrated & have angry people scorn & frown Because you must remain faithful to the one that wears the crown?

Is it worth it… To work hard & come up short again & again Only to never be appreciated by weak-hearted men?

Is it worth it…. To love, be honest & give all of your hard work’s best Just for a chance to have pride & air in your chest?

Is it worth it… To be Peter Pan but all grown up with nowhere to land Can we find peace when we never know where we stand?

Is it worth it… To find relief in a well chosen bottle of fine red wine Awakening the next day to see you've just run from time?

Is it worth it… To keep your mind open and channel energy to avoid all the hate Only to find that you can't take anymore and give in to your fate?

Is it worth it… Is it worth it, we all will eventually inquire Your answer will never come till you not tire?

Is it worth it… Is it worth it to keep all you love & hold dear To keep pushing knowing the end is near?

It IS worth it…!! It IS worth it, you must tell yourself and others remind You'll have your answers but only when you invest the time.

It IS worth it…!! It's only you and Him, I must tell you now and again He will walk with you and overlook all the past sin.

It IS worth it…!! Is it worth it...let my weary soul never ask again. I will find the strength to be steadfast among men.

It IS worth it…!! Yes Lord, finally I understand and do please help me see That to live life everyday means you own your destiny.

It IS worth it…!! To raise your sweet children to laugh and to love complete To keep them from harm so the may rightfully sit at His seat.

It IS worth it…!! To know we only have 70- 80 years at the very best We can live a legacy even when we're constantly at test.

It IS worth it…!! I tell all my family, friends and everyone I meet They all agree that to live is to see it all as a feat.

It IS worth it…!! Is it all worth it, everyone must finally themselves painfully ask

I hope you too agree that you're were chosen for the special task.




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