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Living Life Before It Lives You

Through a long term real estate career and especially in times of success, people would constantly ask me about the business.  They saw my houses, my cars and the external eccentricities that were deemed as desirable.  We all do this, by the way…we look at someone from the outside and judge it as good or bad, successful or unsuccessful when there is always SO much more going on with people.

Funny thing is, I knew exactly who was serious about the real estate business versus someone that just wanted the money.  It was ALL in the way they phrased the question.

The serious ones: “Robin, I'm considering a career change and have been studying real estate.  I really want to do this right, how do you recommend I begin?”

The non serious ones: “Robin, I'm thinking about trying real estate.”

The first ones would jump into apprentice roles, they would do the work before 8am and after 5pm to keep their “JOB” stable while they built another life.  The second group I gave little attention to until I began to steer them AWAY from the business.  I didn't want uncommitted people in my business.  So the most graceful thing I could tell them was, “You don't TRY out real estate, real estate will try YOU out!”

To emphasize the point, I wrote this below in 2008 during a difficult time in my life and career when the market was tanking fast and people were dumping property and all the banks lending was frozen.

Sometimes life's disconnect for us is not getting all we deserve & desire…. Sometimes the pain of dissatisfaction felt long before it's time to retire. I live hard, boldly grasping at all I can get to take control of my fate…. Knowing that once I'm gone, a long legacy for others now I must create. I tell others to push hard, getting all you can but take others with you… Most times my words are misinterpreted, not realizing I'm true. Screw them. I don't care, I'll continue down my road, strong and bold… God will bless my efforts and I'll make a fearless example for others to show. Hurry up, people, I stomp and rave. Now is the time to grow and live strong…. Don't they realize that push and want, seizing life is surely not wrong? “God, do you understand me”, my pleas and cries are sent to the eternal above… You made me this way, to live hard, help others and I feel like nobody else does. I look out at this crazy hard life living others and see others hurting all around… What can I do about the endless slaughter of the ones that continuously drown. You mothers, with all that you endure, raise our young how to reach higher… Show the girls to be beautiful, boys to be valiant, how to get all they desire. You with position and influence: remember too much who is given, much is required… Use your power for others, teach us and help us learn how to run the race and not grow tired. Come on everyone, life is not over and we are not at 40 dead and at 80 buried… Quit pacing this earth as if life is over. Your preset ideals your mind is not married. Live life…before it lives you!

The point is this: Life will test you hard and if you're not intentional about what you want and don't have the ability to commit: Failure is imminent!  100% of my life's failures have been from a lack of stepping fully into the roles that were required to get what I wanted.  And at that point, I had to question if I REALLY wanted the goal.

Relationships will test you.  Jobs will test you.  Friends will test you.

Living life before it lives you = This is a universal principle that I use to focus, get real with myself and others and PURPOSELY decide to remain on the sidelines as a cheerleader for people that perform in a certain game OR…I suit up and get involved myself.  This means I get humble, I commit to being coach-able and I become a student of the object I desire.

As an example: I've been a writer all my life, but when my friend Tim Levy challenged me to become an Author, that was the difference of stepping up and in to this role.  To print something that is permanent and sail it out to the world where criticism is not far behind.  And let me tell you, when you write a book about touching women, you will get criticism (usually from the people that are too scared to learn how).

Now again, I'm changing.  I sold my real estate company of 18 years and have stepped OFF the front lines of selling and I'm coaching and consult only.   This is new for me…and it's awesome!  The figurative gap is scary but I see what I want and I'm going for it.  I've stepped into an insurance business that I know nothing about and for the first time in years, I'm out of mastery.  And, I'm stepping in and remaining committed, working with clients, loving people, building value, delivering them what THEY want and working for bigger reasons that just the commission check that is always present.

Friends, step in…I know it's hard.  I know it's scary.  And the adventure.   OR…intentionally choose to remain supportive on the sidelines and cheer on the players in the game.

I love you,


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