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Living on the Wing

Flying through the air at 400 mph, I look across the aircraft's broad wing and see a place I exist to dream and push life to the edge...on the wing of the plane.

The interior is comfortable, there is every luxury and I can have anything my heart & mind desires. I'm lulled to be unguarded here, anything can happen in complete safety.

But, when the attendant inquires, I insist to be sat on the wing, tied down but mostly grasping at a small rope attempting to find my peaceful existence even when certain death is only inches away.

I'm called to live on a small wing, engines roaring, tragedy looms, complicating everything when an easier life is so close to me.

Do I thrive in this chaos, dare to do what others won't? Maybe I just want to feel alive and there's no better way than to enter an environment of mimosas & warm cookies served with a sexy smile in First Class after a long haul Living On The Wing.

First Class is too luxurious and coach must be where 90% of everyone else is. Both groups are boring, unchallenged and unstimulated...separated by the restraints of whatever life’s budget has been awarded.

I can't allow myself to afford the first and the latter is cattle being herded to the land of mediocrity.

No, No...I will take my complicated life, Living On The Wing.


Inspired on 10/1/07 = Written flying to Sacramento from 4 day Dallas vacation

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