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Men Return as the Patriarch, but Dressed as Women

Men Are Sneaking Back To The Top, Dressed As Women.

Ever wonder how many women who wanted to end the patriarchy, actually cheer on the new woke movements that put men back to the top of the hierarchy if they dress like women?

The patriarchy is back, dressed as the matriarchy.

You're meant to be confused because the basis of the most effective mind control is confusion.

You can read all about that in this book, by Dr. Joost Meerloo.

Women battled hard to be seen equally and then our human farmers rolled out the big stun gun. Women are now told that if they don't let men (dressed as women) into female sports, female washrooms and to lay claim to womanhood that they're bad people.

This has paralyzed many women where they stand, as it was designed to do because a mentally paralyzed person is the easiest to mind control and there's plenty of mind control agendas going around that our human farmers need people to follow.

This mind control trick for the ages has energetically castrated many people of both genders (and yes there's only two), to the point where they don't know what reaction to have anymore because of that massive confusion.

You can see this confusion-based paralysis in the public, as the government hunts the children via the trans agenda.

David Icke takes on the news of the week and puts the headlines you’re reading into a wider context of what they mean in the big picture.

All The Stories You See Below Are Based On Mind Control

What looks like self sabotage, are very common forms of self destructive mind control, placed into you by the media and government. You can't rule healthy, independent and empowered people, but you can rule sick, dependent and disempowered people.

If you're sick, overweight, broke and depressed, it's not an accident. You're working as designed. Living as a child, long into your adult years, isn't natural = it's a mind control program.

If you're looking to overcome your self sabotage, start a business and lead a fully empowered adult life, book a call with me and I'll show you the inner workings that are keeping you from your highest good.

The Real Life Consequences of Trans Surgery and Chemical Castration

If you don't really know what they're doing to children in government schools, regarding the government using documented mind control tactics to convince kids to mutilate and castrate themselves, just watch this video above.

Ontario Government MPP Wants No Protests of The Trans Agenda

Watch the video regarding what they're doing to children, in order to truly understand this next story.

An Ontario MPP said if you dare speak out against the government castrating and sterilizing children, your fine could be $25,000 if the bill passes.

The Documentary - What Is A Woman?

Matt Walsh's documentary "What Is A Woman" exposes the collective clinical insanity involved with the trans movement and it's open destruction of children, in order to take care of "self", inside a society that's self-centered, immoral, unethical, inverted and death centric.

Who's Funding The Trans Movement?

There are forces throughout history who know how to destroy societies from the inside...and then take them over. These forces are at play again with the trans agenda.

An Ex-KGB agent spells out why they do it and how they do it. Your society can't survive when children can't reproduce and that of course is the design of the trans movement. None of the people FUNDING the trans movement are trans, so what's really going on?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by what's happening in the world, you're not alone.

Honestly, that's probably a good thing.

There is no better time to build your pillars of strength : Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Financial.

The repetitive behaviors you experience that keep you broke, sick, fat and failing are not your own - they're programs.

When you remove the mind control programs, life balances itself very quickly.

Book a call with me and in only 30 min we can lay out a road map for you to follow.



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