My Life Plea from the Lord in Me

I look at life ahead of me...hoping to get a glimpse of the future I'll see.

Of all the sad words of tounge & pen...the saddest are these: it might have been."

So I commit to express love wherever I appopropriately can...defying the notion that it makes me less of a man.

The world can be confusing and weakens my stance....hoping to extinguish my life's amazing dance.

I ask my Lord for strength & favor...knowing He is my loving father that gave me a needed savior.

Dear Lord, I'm not even half the man I hoped I would be...but I give you my all, what's left of the broken me.

I will lay it all at the cross u graciously gave...trusting that you are the only one that will save.

Please Lord I beg you to show me your hopes that my example will cause others to obey.

I am a warrior, valiant & true...I want others to be bettered by the route I flew.

I will not quit, falter or destiny is clear & I am to exist in the vast blue skies..

I will love, I will give and I will remain strong...until my Father takes me home & rights the world's wrongs.

This is my prayer, religion & creed...I was put in this place to understand & show the others in need.

I want your acceptance Lord & know all that you are...please accept my praise and overlook my scars.

Dear Lord, I love you and eagerly await your command...please help me be still and watch over this man.

I say amen now so that we all will one voice all the people praise Lord cause we are now free.


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