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Read the Music of my Soul if You Dare

"Why couldn't you just be honest with me?" I inquired, only furthering our confusion and solidifying the distance that had grown between us.

Honesty. What a worthless notion. No, not in our pursuit of truth, but rather as a state of being between two vastly unique creatures, each with their own lenses of the world.

In this, there is no honesty, only a sea of dancing perceptions, where the black and white migrate into a thousand shades of grays.

The lucky ones, no, the ones that chose each other every day, they'll explode into a million colors and the rest of us will gaze upon their rainbow of creation and ignorantly call it the bliss of love.

We can chose each other; you know this right? We can manage to overlook, forgive, find mutual ground, build bridges of understanding and in doing so, the need for honesty melts away with all the other unknowns.

Read the music of my soul if you dare and enjoy the orchestra in my heart.

~Love Letters

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