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Ride the Bus

Modern Man Law #24: If riding the bus doesn't incentivize you to improve your station in life, nothing will.

Sometimes as men, we have to place ourselves in positions of extreme gratitude to appreciate what we have. We complain, we compete and nothing is good enough…until we see others that have less than we do.

I love the old saying, “I complained I had no shoes until I saw the man with no feet”

I often tell my friends with young children, especially preteens, “Take them on a mission trip to Haiti and let them see first hand how so much of the world lives. 

Let them smell what a hungry, non-bathed man is like, see his desperation of not being able to work or feed his family, hear the cry's of young children, sick with the common cold that is literally incurable for them simply because they can't get medicine. 

Then, your children won't complain so much they don't have the latest iPhone or coolest sneakers.”

We are so fortunate to live in a country of unlimited opportunity!

Ride the bus. Fraternize with common, hard-working folk coming home from a 10 hour work day  Appreciate what you have by infusing love and gratitude in to literally everything you do, even your breath, your thoughts and the things around you.

Ride the bus. Dig a ditch. Fix a fence.

We are all so ridiculously powerful if we knew it.

I love you,



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