She Creates Joy

There is a picture of you in a black hat and you're lounging on a beach. It makes me imagine that perhaps one day we will fake a cough to disappear from the work grind and rendezvous in that same place for an afternoon of laughs. I've just said something intriguing, triggering your effervescent curiosity and you make this look, the one in the picture.

You inquire of my intent. Of course I won't tell, you press in and get playfully annoyed threatening to tickle torture if I don't comply.

The whole thing erupts in belly laughs. You know the type, the kind where your ribs hurt and face aches from a smile so big you swear you'll never be able to frown again.

We fall to the sand in relief and you thank me for the laugh. I nod subtly so as to maintain a cool-guy resolve. You see through my facade of course but appreciate my chivalry and don't bust my cover.

People. You and me…We're all so magically messy but you girl, found a way to do it with style.

Dang girl, well done. Have I said that already? Shoot, ya I have. Okay then…

Is it wine time? Sun sets at 7:30..ish. Don’t be late.

~Letters of Lovers

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