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Stacking and kicking rocks

Turned over a lot of rocks in my life. 

Dodged some thrown at me too. When the dust settles, from a primal urge to survive and instinctive desire to thrive, I've learned to take all those rocks and begin building.  It's scary to start over.  While there is an endless supply of cliches and cheers, not many speak about the reality of an internal pain that blinds us from the light emanating from a tormented heart.

I've been delivered, analyzed, tested, coached, couched and spent over $100k to develop myself, but it wasn't until I returned to the darkness of a wounded childhood that starting over ever made sense. Until then, it was just another brand, idea, maybe a new relationship or a cool car to make it better, something to offer a metric of validation that I was okay. If anyone had ever asked, that's all I ever just be....Okay. It's those times when we've lost it all, when everything is going wrong and taking your own life seems like the only way out is where courage counts.  It counts that we've chosen to live one more day with even a little faith there is a universal divine plan. It was not the hot girlfriend I wanted, it was the intimacy to create an unforgettable kiss.  It wasn't a cool car that would offer me validation, it was the genuine and accepting laughs of friends.  It wasn't the money, the homes or the clothes that would provide a life of meaning, it was the life experiences that created memories I would cherish forever. So stack some rocks my friends. They're all around us, usually hiding in the form of brokenness and dashed dreams.  They're the very things we can stand on to touch the stars, to climb the tree of life and sit among the branches that cradle us. Your stacked rock formations will provide beauty to the ones behind you on this winding path of life, forever perpetuating the process. Those stones are the very thing we avoid, and yet ironically are the instrument to grind down all the layers of domestication that have encased our perfect selves from birth. Stack your rocks, they are the foundation of a beautifully epic life.


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