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The 95 Life

The 95 Life

In 2009, I was participating in a personal development class and I heard this voice in the form of a concept or idea: “Live your life with 95% of your thoughts on others.”  I stopped me in my tracks and I wondered if that were actually possible.  We are all such creatures of self-preservation.  Our bodily needs, food, water, all the thoughts that flood our head and their accompanying emotions keep us 100% focused on ourselves and we're frazzled out, disconnected from others and borderline narcissistic.

What if you let go of all the things you think?  What if you consciously, just for a day, spent 95% of your time focused on others.  Connecting, serving, offering grace, love or perhaps just a pleasant “good morning” greeting with a smile to match?

I'll often set an intention for this endeavor and amazed at just how quickly my mind defaults back to what's good for ME, how to advance MY goals and get what I want.  In working through this, I've had the privilege of meeting others that are fighting through this same personal battle and follow their stories.

There is a growing trend of leaders, people of great influence that are emerging to grow other leaders.  They've had amazing success in various areas of their lives and want to take others with them as true “Legacy Builders”.

Meet two of these leaders.  Hear their stories.

Chad Goldwasser – Pure Gold Realty

Chad was born to sprint. He's fun to watch in action, takes long strides and dreams big.  Bigger the better is his motto!   After reaching all the rewards in real estate with an international firm, the universe saw fit to take Chad in different directions, slow him way down and take a soulful journey through personal development to emerge strong, pure and true.  In doing so, he launches a new firm and is leading himself first to live “The 95 Life”.  As a sprinter, knowing when to walk is crucial because restoration of the internal resources is so very important.  He

continues to engage with others and is eager to lead and develop the leaders by modeling the lessons he's mastered and learning how to be people centric, running at their pace so as to cross the finish line with thousands by his side.

“Lesson from today, focus more on others, less me, more them. People will not be able to grow with you if you are always out front of them espousing your own stories. Listen more, talk less, allow others to speak and share their stories, be present, be graceful, understand and love.  Thanks buddy!” ~Chad G.


Erik Swanson – Universal Seminars

Running an international speaking company and a natural connector, Erik engages his day with a zest for life maintaining a playful spirit.  Standing over 6 feet tall, he commands the room and matches it with a loving spirit that opens you up to the possibility of change through inspiration and what's truly important.

He comes to others with a gentle balance of soft intensity by connecting your thoughts with the habits you live with in daily life.  Follow his Habitude Warrior videos and work here.

His latest efforts with The 95 Life is also in the success duplication process by teaching others how to lead with heart as he has for so many years.  With a very influential rolodex, Erik has the ability to bring powerful, life changing principles to the masses through the message of his company.   I highly recommend you attend one of his powerful seminars.

“Robin, I wake up every day and choose the day I'm going to have.  I love life, others and all the amazing opportunity that is available to those that will have an ounce of faith to reach for their dreams.  I want to be the guy that helps them reach.”  ~Erik

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