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The Chemistry of Love

There exists a natural tendency to assume that remarkable chemistry between two souls is confirmation they are meant to be together.

The energetic heat flares and we're consumed with profound feelings and we enmesh our hearts to exclaim, "I have found true love!" 

It seems counter-intuitive to imagine ourselves separate from our new love. Like most infernos, what burns hot, burns fast and before long, time quickens to begin to notice the chinks in the armor of your Charming Knight and she looses her luster as the makeup wears away.

Chemistry and longevity are rarely natural bedfellows and the feelings of being alive with earth-shattering sex and connection doesn’t always mean they are supposed to be our life partner.

All to often others are brought in to our lives for various reasons, many reasons being labeled as unpleasant. The universe uses others to expand us, to awaken us and to shatter us so wide open that we can never close again, leaving our souls more tender to the effervescence of life and the many beautiful ways it opens up to us.

It's been said by the poets that if you are to really experience love, to profoundly feel connected to the rhythms of the universe, then you will live in a mild state of broken-heartedness. Perhaps this is what "tears of joy" are, where you can find a twinkling of happiness in the heartache and eventually mature your well-being into a state of gratitude that you shared a sacred space with another, dancing in the elixir of love.

The experiences and connections with our fellow travelers are sent to us to polish the rough edges and refine our soul-diamond, only to vanish into the eternity of memories we are to hold and cherish, but never really own.

The shackles of your soul are removed as this was the one person that held the key to unbind you from a self-imposed prison of your limitations, giving you new eyes to see the unseen, experience the feeling of love what is, right here, right now.

Is it no wonder you felt SO alive with this person?

Then they're gone. In spite of all our efforts to hold the precious oxygen to stoke the fire, the flame slows extinguishes leaving us wondering where our beloved has gone. Tied to the same dock for safety, grouped together in a belief that nothing would ever change, the road dangles loosely in the water from where they once were, offering a constant reminder they have set sail to sea.

Ah love. We want it from others. We want to give it away generously and yet hold it tight in a hand not intended to contain. The longing in us grows, yet it's too much burden for any one human being for a lifetime.

We dip in to each others lives for temporary visits of soul growth, call it love, triggering our expansion into all the ares inside ourselves we were running from and now stand vulnerably naked, staring into the reflection of wounds that are now ready to be healed. There is no turning back.

You are IN the state of love.



[picture from Mission Bay, CA - Dec 08, 2015]

published on Minds Journal

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