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The Dangers of Creating a New Life in an Unsustainable World.

Don’t leave the house - there is danger outside!

Don’t talk to anyone, move, or think for yourself - you WILL die!

We’ve heard these messages for years in the not-so-subtle forms of toxic religion’s anti-everything campaigns.

Political rants have divided the nation through creative wording just slight enough to not really say anything at all.

Now, we just have a reason to believe the danger is true - something OUTSIDE of ourselves is going to kill, maim, destroy and the only defense is the very thing these institutions have been wanting for decades, perhaps centuries:

Division, but with a sexy twist.

Social media explosively hit the world scene and now our “Friends” can all be maintained with a few keystrokes, so why would you ever be lonely, right?

Now a virus that will literally destroy all mankind and over-run hospitals and kill off the elderly so a nefarious government can be installed so the Illuminati elite can maintain their royal-like lives.

I find it all fascinating. Truly scary and fascinating, like doing the Tango dance. (It’s a very serious dance!)

This dance so far has shown me only one thing: Our way of life isn’t sustainable.

It’s like being at a party with one obnoxious drunk person in the room. We all make rolling eye motions at each other wondering WHO is actually going to say something but nobody does, and the party lingers on in despair until everyone eventually filters out only to mock the drunk guy the next day.

We are in the morning after that party, sitting quietly, obediently in our homes, disconnected and disenfranchised and perhaps we can sit with our knowing that something isn’t quite right as grief begin to rise in us.

As the pain rises, our restlessness surfaces to move us away from the discomfort. Can you stand there as the heat scorches your many surfaces and facades, burning away the masks and the tolerations?

Maybe, your heart is breaking for the very thing you were born to help heal.

Every world changer’s work begins with a broken heart. You, me, we … are, or can be, world changers.

As the shock and awe of our situational crisis bustles on with no end in sight or promise of cure, we have a unique opportunity.

Let ourselves shatter from decades of old ways and slowly put back together again, like a mosaic of once worthless and discarded glass, all assembled into a breathtaking spectacle of art that glistens with the love of God when the sun beams through it.

We are that art piece, laying on the floor, ready for reassembly.

Maybe once we wake up from this nightmare, we’ll be completely reassembled but to do that, we must stand in our grief, because that’s the cocoon from which we emerge new.

Don’t leave the house; there IS danger but it’s not outside, it’s not the virus or people or the government or Trump or all the bullshit we hear and read about … the danger is inside us.

We’re going to truly LIVE again, but first we must die completely and let ourselves become completely, utterly, new.

I can’t wait.

I’m terrified clutching onto my old ways like a child being pulled from his teddy bear. I admit it.

AND … just like that mosaic …

I’m being born again new, letting the old drip off me like I’ve just emerged from a lake of fire, standing there powerfully, naked with vulnerability, a full heart ready to be broken and filled again and again and again, a cause to champion, people to love, injustice to stand against….it’s ALL available, right there in front of me.

It’s week three.

Slowly in time, God’s light will beam through all my brokenness.

Please join me, because there is NO WAY I can do this alone.



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