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The Dating Stories, part I

December 31, 2013 at 1:13pm

Thank you for your continued stories on dating. Wow, you people have some fabulous ones! This one below is from my friend and she agreed to share it for your entertainment. Check out her comments below and you decide, what do we do with stories like this?

This joker annihilated the date within 2 hours.

Made a comment about my having grey hair…and asked how often I color my locks. (ok…I can take fashion critiques… but not from a douche that uses an entire bottle of 1980's hair gel on his thinning hair line. And I'm a female… we don't like to talk about coloring our hair with men that we don't know…. Unless you are a male hairdresser that we may employ in the future.)
Made a racially ignorant comment. (If you tell a story and feel the need to mention the race of the individual when it has NOTHING to do with the storyline…you are making an idiot out of yourself and should probably not speak in public… Or at least not to me…or ANY thinking human being, you mouth-breathing troglodyte.)
Made fun of his neighbor's child who had a mental handicap. (Automatic out. Way to go, Big Man. I rank that with kicking dogs.)
one for making fun of this kid…he still stuck around and thought that I was going to continue the date… And after I told him that I thought it was best that we end the date asap and that he could leave… he still text me the next day. (that still confounds me that he thought that I would still be interested in him? really?)
Finally, after a long text message that included a polite way of telling him that we have very different philosophies on what is good and positive in life and how to behave… And that dating is just a way for people to get to know each other to “see if it could work in the future”… it is not a bound contract to “work” through the differences that are part of a person's soul fabric…. and that we are not a good fit for each other…
He finally succumbed to my wrath. Dumb ass. I wanted to punch him in the trachea for the kid comment. He was lucky he only walked away with a minor bruised ego. I must say… For the most part, my dating experiences have been fun! The morons that I stumble upon make for perfect learning experiences. They are entertaining social experiments… like lab rats. Maybe I should preface every date with “Don't be a lab rat”. Ah…single girl dating…Always an adventure…

Shelly, you're awesome and I'm thankful that you are giving men continued, Uum, “chances” to get you right.

There are 2 reactions to this story:

The first, and easiest reaction, is….”That dude is a real dip shit!”. Ya know, maybe he is but maybe, just maybe he's just unaware, clueless…ignorant. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to come to his rescue, it just always intrigues me why we as men, act the way we do.

Ya, I hear you, this guy needs some help, maybe even a formal education on how to behave with a woman. And I would LOOOOVE to help him.

A story like this also makes me wonder how these 2 people even connected. Below was my thoughts to Shelly.

Ladies, I see this a lot. The only “tragedy” here is IF a sense of resistance comes over your femininity regarding men, becoming disgruntled thinking that “all men are pigs.”

The weak mindedness of men IS a spirally epidemic and the only answer to all this is Radical Grace. Trust me, there are just as many wounded and/or unaware women in the world. You really wanna go deep w this?…ask yourself,

“why are men like this even on my radar? What was it about me that was attracted to a man who would….?”

I asked myself that question over a year ago and my social/dating life immediately changed, effortlessly attracting amazing people and healing & awakening others to their own power and beauty. It's amazing!

Keep your hearts open ladies. We love you…and we're figuring out this crazy earth experience right alongside you.

Thanks for playing the game everyone. When viral, grounded masculinity meets the radical elegance of femininity…great things happen!

~The Way of the Gentleman

Shelly Mac

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