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The Gift of Mindful Eating: Food is Medicine and Medicine is Food.

“Oh it’s a local fish with coconut curry veggies.” She said to me upon inquiring of today’s lunch dish.

They said it was white fish but like so many things here, it’s much, much more.

Exploding in color and delightful in the flavors of garlic, coconut milk, sunflower oil, curry, red pepper flakes, basil and a Himalayan sea salt they import in from a location she insisted was a secret.

Paired with Kichari, consisting of rice, letnis and mung beans all tossed in a rainbow of spices, the dish was splendid and well outside the simplicities of an every day lunch. Turmeric Stir Fry. Potato & Cauliflower Fritters.

All divine displays to round out the buffet with the usual Power Kale Salads topped with hand made dressings I’ve never heard of.

Desert was gluten free Cardamon cookies, an almond based treat held together and sweetened by coconut oil and raw sugar along with peanut butter cookies the size of silver dollars. I think I ate a dozen of them! Sorry. (Not sorry)

The quiet and mindful hum of my fellow guests and the cello in the background is soothing, pleasantly in contrast to the deafening restaurants filled with noisy distractions of flat screens, games and not-hungry people devouring super sized portions, numbing out to alcohol and deserts so big, I get fat just thinking about it.

Please forgive my judgment.

Mindful eating. Ah. Big breath.

I could actually taste the ingredients.

Physics teaches us that everything has a vibration. Let’s just say I was eating the vibrational frequency of: Delicious.

‘This table is designated for silence.’ The sign on the table read.

‘Yep! That’s perfect for me!’ I thought to myself, eager to get back to my writing, head exploding with ideas from an already inspired soul and a heart I could actually FEEL being reconstructed.

My fork glided along the porcelain plate, a glass of watermelon, mint and lemon infused water to round out the experience under the pergola covering, palm trees waving overhead.

Two fellas at my right, talking as men, like the men of old use to do, discussing topics of the mind and heart versus the normal intimacy-avoiding banter of weather, business and sports. A beautiful woman to my left, journaling at the pool as she bit her lip in search to find the right words to document the experience she was having for herself. I could almost SEE her wheels turning, desperate to bring her expression into existence.

We were all connected. Happy. Free.

All during a simple day’s lunch at our home called, Rythmia.

I wonder what vibrational greatness will be served up for dinner!



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