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The Love to Thrive

In my walk to THRIVE, the hardest yet most rewarding part of my journey has been the embracing of LOVE. How to give it, receive it, how to BE it.

I am a challenge for others to love.  Not because I'm unlovable, but because I desire to embody it so passionately and ARE love versus a garment to put on, a temporary expression or a fleeting moment.

Others want it, but fear it, judge it and sure, I experience their negativity. It's not their fault.  Such could be the case with my parents that I haven't spoken to in 25 years.

Even with women I'm drawn to or have dated…I'm constantly “letting go”. I'm constantly opening the mental cage to make sure I haven't placed them inside from my good, yet selfish & fearful intentions. To let her flow like water, dance, go nuts….and to constantly find her love w/o any attachment that we'll loose my “spot” in the hearts of others.  As if it's all portionable and I have to fight to get my share.

It's a beautiful dance we do. Even if and when the fire cools…it is and always will be beautiful and the rocks and ledges in our life will have formed different shapes because of the love that's flowed through them.

“Over a lifetime, the pain of withholding this great and quiet force of love is more damaging than the pain of being rejected or loved poorly. Love, like water, can be damned, but toward what end? 
In truth, the more we let love flow through the more we have to love. This is the inner glow the sages and saints of the ages seem to share: the wash of their love over everything before them; not just people, but birds and rocks and flowers and air. 
Beneath the many choices we have to make, love, like water, flows back into the world through us. Is the one great secret available to all.” ~The Awakeners Handbook

Read these words above and then hear me when I say, with an energy you've never felt before:

I. Love. You.


~Inspired by the shared journey of an 8 week “Survive to Thrive” group I'm attending. Thank you to Coach Laura Jack for your spirit to the world.



THrīv/ verb: thrive; 3rd person present: thrives; past tense: thrived; past tense: throve; gerund or present participle: thriving; past participle: thriven (of a child, animal, or plant) grow or develop well or vigorously.”the new baby thrived” ◦    prosper; flourish.”education groups thrive on organization” ◦    synonyms: ◦    flourish, prosper, burgeon, bloom, blossom, mushroom, do well, advance, succeed, boom More”the roses in the west garden are thriving”
flourishing, prosperous, prospering, growing, developing, burgeoning, blooming, healthy, successful, booming, mushrooming, profitable, expanding; informalgoing strong, going from strength to strength 
”real estate continues to be a thriving industry”

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