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The Many Colors of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The ash trees are changing color here in Santa Fe. Tonight I sleep under them and I already can sense they'll have much to say. Nature, trees, people...we really are all so wonderfully connected.

I look up and the see explosive fall colors, a sun reflecting yellow so rich you can almost taste it.  At first it's the obvious flavor of lemon, just then hints of cinnamon, tangerine and even a hint of chocolate, the dark kind you only find in boutiques.

A gypsy feeling woman is playfully working a fiddle here in the square, people strolling thru shops and commingling.

Somehow I think my 6th and 7th sense will be in over-drive by sunset, whenever that may be. Time has lost it's meaning as mother nature re-calibrates me to her own time table, her own rhythms, all with a nurturing unknown, or maybe just long forgotten.

Perhaps I'll float into my final destination versus drive. How be here, after a very long and dry soul repairing journey, I'm here, sailing from the safety of harbor to cast anchor and explore new lands.  I finally understand the expression, "tears of joy."

Home.  Perhaps I'll find that now that I've discovered such fertile soil within myself.  Mmmm...growth, real, authentic growth. I just know God is dancing with me. I. Just. Know. It.

Sending love along the path.


Journal Entry 10/13/15 - Santa Fe New Mexico


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