The Many Confusing Definitions of Worship

What's it mean to worship? 

Is it a building, an activity, a ritual, an action?  Can you do it alone or must we be in a tribe or congregation of others?  Can we do it wrong, is there a method or acceptable manner that makes

Psalmist David sang as worship. Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor in a lifetime of worship. Countless authors, performers and artists give their life to intense practice that brings beauty into the world as worship to a craft. Company owners dedicate their life to the merciless profit and loss statement along with hungry employees under their leadership.

I've traveled far and wide, sailed, camped, read hundreds of books, studied a dozen religions, stood on mountains and dove below the oceans in exploration to a universal connection often referred to as God.

In the end, it was there all along, this force of energy so strong it kept my heart alive, pulsing through my veins and was involved with every moment, every breath. Worship, it became not something to do, but rather something I became.

Worship can become grace-filled moments strung together in an ongoing continuum where any gaps of imperfection go unnoticed.

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