The Power of Winning, The Thrill of the Game

Athletes are products of enormous work loads fueled by a passionate love for the game.

We’ve all watched highly trained athletes get prepared for the event by doing their pre-race rituals. The indescribable “thing” they do which uses the body to focus the mind and eliminates anything that can slow them down.

In races where thousandths of a second mark the difference, a hundred such habits can set any person on the right side of a thin line between success and failure. Successful athletes who absorb the lessons of their sport learn how to streamline their lives and eliminate things that slow them down.

Sometimes, however, we don’t make the decisions fast enough, so here is the challenge: Get rid of the things in your life that slow you down.

It’s been said that one of the greatest challenges we have in life is to do the things we know we need to do to live fulfilled and successful lives. Olympians have had to eliminate most of the unnecessary limiting factors and layers of their lives.

Remember to treat your dreams with all the seriousness of an Olympic dream.

Life is Great….Dream Big!


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