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The Pure Bliss of the Grand Canyon

What do you do when you come across Pure Bliss?  Are you among so many of us that don't even recognize such a thing, eyes crossing and breath slowing upon the very mention of actually, being....happy?

Ya, I get it.  Trust me, I SO get it and let's all yell a hearty "FUCK THIS" for ever allowing ourselves to get to this sorry state.  I mean, really, this is NOT what my dreams included and speaking of dreams, what are those anyway?  Start by being done and beginning all over again.

Just be DONE  with the disloyal relationship that holds us back and drains us dry.  Done with the heartless job of money driven metrics.  Done with the slavery of shit we've always done because it's what we've always done.  Done with feeling this shitty and worthless.  Done with the ridiculous thoughts brought upon us from decades of domestication and finally free to think our own thoughts.

This time for all time, draw the figurative line in the sand and just be resolved to be done so we can build something new, something only dreams are made of.


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