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The Reasons Women Love an Honest Man

Why is HONESTY so attractive with women?


Because they've been lied to their entire life. It's true!

It all began with Walt Disney telling them to be princesses and a handsome young prince would save them if they were pretty, learned how to cook and raise children. Then the brutal reality set in of college, a career, balancing life, work and kids, among other influences.

More women are having children without a traditional household and the gender rules are neutralized more and more in business and other traditional areas. Men have been gaming women into bed by the tickling of ears and sultry conversation meant to disrobe them quicker than the slower pace of a good seduction.

As a result, women are hungry, even desperate, for true, unattached honesty. It's one of the reasons why women date douche bag players because these guys don't care what women think of them and as a result, women will tolerate being treated horribly in exchange for being handled honestly.

Want to see a woman absolutely come alive? Treat her with grounded, authentic honesty. Stop hiding your wild attraction for her, acting disinterested with silly schoolyard games. Look into her eyes deeply and tell her you want her madly, tell her she's sexy and drives you crazy with desire and see what happens.

Women are hungry for your grounded, unattached honesty. Bravely give it to them or get out of the way and make room for the men that can.

~Love Letters

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