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The San Francisco Bar you Have to Visit

Located in the Marina District of San Francisco, The Interval at Long Now is akin to walking into Lex Luther's library all with an aircraft feel and a love for architecture and engines.

A winding staircase tempts the inner child in me to venture up to the second floor but to my chagrin, it is blocked off with a not-so-subtle Staff Only sign. They must have known I was coming. (Wink)

A 4x4 metal planetary art piece called, Orrery greets you at entry where you navigate yourself to the bar, or a selection of glass tables supported by various engine pieces of sorts. It's a motor-head's dream table.

With a massive chalkboard on the wall writing out various equations and eccentricities that are valued in the intelligence of San Fran, you'll look closer and realize it's a piece of art, an electronic writing board to be exact. Again, how very San Fran.

The menu is craft cocktail driven ice blocks that hug the side of the glass, opening up my whiskey creation perfectly. There are 'light bites' at the back of the menu, try the meat sticks, or the beef jerky, one of each, you can't go wrong.

Ask for Kimberly, a slender brunette with lovely eyes, stunning cheekbones and a subtle, yet friendly, reserve to her that mirrored the signature cocktail she served me, highlighted on the cocktail menu she created.

Hemingway would be honored to be seen here so as a fellow writer, I delayed the notion of leaving, ordering up an additional cocktail from Kimberly with a wink to follow.

My only constructive feedback, simple as it may be, is they very much need a shelf of some type to hold the man's satchel, the woman's designer purse or, this Writer's iPad that wrote this favorable review.

Guys, help us out here! Use Ikea if you must, but get us a shelf.

Cameron is the manager so if you have some not-likely troubles, I'm certain he'll smooth out your concerns beautifully so you can tend to the business of your date and her leg properly nestled against yours.

Enjoy the San Fran treat, The Interval. May your experience leave a memory you'll return to again and again.



Off The Grid is a company that organizes street fairs and about a dozen markets in and around San Francisco. This bright sign is a local attraction for the Fort Mason Market held right on the bay with food trucks, a band or a DJ spinning dance tunes and a lively crowd. It's a must see when traveling through San Fran.

The spiral staircase to the second floor bookshelves is remarkable. You can almost feel the history above you.


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