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The Great American Vegan Con - What It Is and Why It’s Important to You.

Mind control is up-regulated by states such as confusion, repetition, relaxation, fear, bright lights, the colors red and blue, fixing the eye sight on a single point of attention to name a few.

One very effective modality of mind control is brain damage.

If the brain isn't working properly because it's damaged, the nervous system's secondary defense mechanism (as opposed to thinking your way out of a problem) is COMPLIANCE.

The more the brain is damaged, the more you'll comply. This change of defensive posturing in the nervous system (after brain damage), from thinking to being hyper compliant and hyper obedient, is as natural as your heart beat accelerating during exercise.

This process (from thinking to becoming compliant when brain damaged) is completely natural and it all makes sense.

If you can't think as way to protect yourself, becoming a reflexively obedient people pleaser is the next best thing you can do.

The brain is made up mostly of saturated fat and cholesterol and if you don't get enough cholesterol and saturated fat, you get brain damaged very quickly, approximately 6 weeks. That's proven.

Those are the two compounds that are lacking in a vegan diet. A vegan diet is proven over and over again to facilitate brain damage in both above board research and also inside MK ULTRA mind control experiments.

This is only one way the ruling group brain damages the public with their most popular forms of brain damage attacks are listed here.

Vegan diets do work for some people but very few.

I have only come across 1-2 healthy vegans in my 20 year health coaching career.

A lack of saturated fat and cholesterol causes brain damage, vegan diets facilitate this type of brain damage and a damaged brain/nervous system will comply more with all other forms of mind control.

It's that simple.

More information below.

Click here to learn about MK Ultra, the government's secret experimentation wing that's designed to find every way imaginable to put the entire population under mind control.

Click here for the books (from Cathy O'Brien) that do discuss starving the body of saturated fat and cholesterol, to cause brain damage, in order to help place the mind control victim under deeper forms of mind control.

The Lies of Pro Vegan Diet Research

This man quit is his well paying job to make a 6 part documentary about healthy eating. He discovered along the way the lies surrounding the vegan diet, including the much cited CHINA STUDY. The vegan diet does work for some people but very few. For most people, it makes them weak and of course brain damaged...therefore making them hyper compliant to all other forms of mind control.

The 6 Part Documentary Titled "FOOD LIES"

The man highlighted above (Brian Sanders) is currently working on his 6 part documentary about healthy eating. Of course he discovered that the vast majority of human bodies require saturated fat and cholesterol to stay healthy. You can't rule healthy humans. Our government approved diets exist to make us sick and easier to rule, control and manipulate.

Saturated Fat Never Proven to Cause Any Disease

There was a scientist in the 1950's who lied to the public about saturated fat causing disease. After that lie-ahria based declaration each "government" got together and pushed foods on the public that cause massive disease and an overall weakening of the human cattle. 

Researchers - The Unhealthy Effects of A Vegan Diet

Very few people can benefit from a vegan diet. I personally have only discovered 1-2 people who appear healthy while eating a vegan diet. Although this documentary starts off in a dramatic way, the lectures of the researchers regarding the documented detriments of a vegan diet are extremely informative.

Professional Health Coach Talks of Her Slide Into Disease After Following A Vegan DietTwo

Professional health coaches talk openly about the vegan diet and how it accelerated the disease of one of the coaches. She only recovered (immediately) after she reintroduced saturated fat and cholesterol (from grass fed animals) into her diet.

Why Does The Government Want You To Eat Crickets and Maggots?

There's a component in crickets that blocks the absorption of cholesterol, which causes brain damage, which in turn makes you easier to place under mind control. In this podcast, I explain that the cricket diet is just like the vegan diet....and that's why the people ruling you want you to only eat crickets/bugs and vegan diets.

Interview On The AJ Roberts Show

In a December 2022 interview on The AJ Roberts Show, we push the limits of YouTube censorship and came within a hair of getting AJ banned. Stay up to date with the mind control tactics being used against you and your families, by corrupt government and media sources.

If you want to know more about mind control and how it causes us to self sabotage, CLICK here to learn more and take advantage of a complimentary 20 min discovery call together.


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