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Top Three Causes of Death For 2020-2023

Canada now teaching school children about the government's medically assisted suicide service in a propaganda and mind control blitz that wold leave Satan himself envious. A real Molech based death cult is now rising in Canada.

Buffalo Bills football player suffers massive cardiac issue on field and yet some of the public still exhibit Stockholm Syndrome by reinforcing the feel good mental fantasy that is killing millions world wide. When you have the mental intelligence of a child, you will declare that it's anything but the fake COVID vaccine.

In this brand new article I explain that although death is upon us as a society, this death cycle comes with benefits. Death is here for everyone in a way, where they get to choose between letting old ideas die or dying themselves. These are the only two choices we are now given.

Myself and podcast legend Patrick Timpone sit down for a rant based event that will help people understand what it sounds like to speak straight truth for over an hour. Patrick may hold a record with near 4000 podcasts under his belt. I discuss what's going on, the weakness of the group attacking us and how to win this battle. Just recorded yesterday..

We're currently up to 40 documentaries and counting proving not only COVID fraud on every level but the ushering in of a communist/satanic digital control grid that's simply designed so people take their "injected medicine" and commit state assisted suicide by fake vaccine. Use your voice in 2023.


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