Walking Into Seduction

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Tired from a long day, you drag through the door, uncertain what the evening holds. The delectable smell of fresh herbs and preparations invigorates you as a handsome man greets you with your martini and a deserving kiss.

Your hands fall loose of the gatherings from the day as you're guided to the floor slipping effortlessly from binding clothes and into strong arms cradling you tight.

With a rhythmic motion of ecstasy you're romanced into another world found only in the most erotic of stories that you are now part of as your head tilts back, causing tingles down your spine and even lower into the best of places as a hip gyration in unison peaks your sensations into what feels like a wild scream but you're too breathless to utter a sound.

With nails drawn slowly down his back and his lips upon yours, eyes open to connect on a level so deep your body responds with an explosion of ecstatic release and your air filled lungs can release the compression to match the steadiness of your heart's beat returning to it's normal pace.

“Welcome home, my beautiful Queen”, is whispered into your freshly nibbled ear as you're wrapped in a silk robe, a spilled martini replaced and the smell of those fresh herbs is placed in front of you atop your favorite meal.

~The Way of the Gentleman

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