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What happened to the world we live. (poetry)

What happened to the world we live I’m shedding tears, my heart can no longer give.

Despair, pain and poverty make no sense We falling apart and my soul won’t rinse.

I got no problems look at me, ya I got it all Keep playing ya always standing tall even when I fall.

What happened to the world we live.

Where is the love ya I need some kindness But you don’t see me from your selfish blindness.

Daddy died but I’m still your little boy All grown up now forgiven no longer your toy.

Feelin alone nights hopeless nursing dismay Can’t get no love, metoo keeps em away.

Fuck the hashtags this ain’t 6th grade Talk to me real intimacy ain’t for trade.

We ain’t safe held back gotta love and push Past the limits that keep our voices hush.

What happened to the world we live.

You left just like the others heart held under cover Standing here exposed loved hard pain to hover.

Lived the pain of decades in the depression We all struggling from the same repression.

No escaping the madness of the mind Deep within is the only peace we ever find.

What happened to the world we live.

Wait. Turn around. Let’s please work this out The cabinets of my heart are bare, full of doubt.

Baby, this is a mess just meet me in the middle I’m confused and losing my mind just a little.

Pride has us all tossed up won’t keep us warm Tides come and go but for you don’t make me mourn.

What happened to this world we live….

We kill each other over a book written 3,000 yr ago Over a promise for a savior that nobody can know.

Stay true I often hear but isn’t truth held within Or am I banished to a hell persecuted for my sin.

Church is a business of judging the good and bad I’m just angry they took the best years of life I had.

No longer throwing myself on a cross I didn’t create The cold nights of a broken heart they teach to hate.

What happened to this world we live.

It’s going to be alright this story isn’t close to done Keep going don’t quit the race is far from won.

If we surrender the pain and love the good inside We live on to breathe strong our glory we don’t hide.

This world is good it’s what we make it out to be With love inside remember to daily take a knee.

I will keep loving and trying with all might given So my dreams and hopes will not stay long hidden.

Keep going. Keep loving. This world is ours to live.


(Reminded once again that poetry is one of the oldest and truest forms of self expression and growth.)

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