What is Masculinity

Men rush to define the many aspects of the qualities, virtues and values that define what it means to be a man only to often become disillusioned with their pursuits.

What if the subject of masculinity was an energy or way of being, undefined by gender, unattached from preconceived ideas and something that we, as humans, both men and women can enjoy?

Would we better be able to protect and use this way of being as a call to action, the strength needed to boldly protect and provide?

Can masculinity be taught or must we forever contend with the falseness of arrogant machismo?

When a man breaks free from outside influence, when he reaches an internal sense of purpose, passionately committed to a way of being, he truly changes in a world that seems desensitized to his cause. This battle, this journey is his emergence and the day he truly is, born again.

Enjoy this 2 min video and see the many forms it takes on when we are free to explore and create for ourselves the beauty...of masculinity.

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