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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

You want to have a life partner, but the commitment of marriage creates confliction.

There is beautiful art deep in your soul, eager to emerge, but the lack of demand from buyers or a flooded marketplace keeps your creations hidden inside.

You're a prolific writer, inspirational and poetic, but the purging of the content from the depths of your soul leave you exhausted and lack of an audience creates discouragement.

You want to begin your own business but the security from an employer keeps you locked into your routines and rhythms.

We all have motivations and as a result, we have a conflict to be resolved laying in waiting right behind our deepest dreams. Where there is conflict, congruence to the human motivation is patiently, even secretly waiting on the other side waiting to be, kissed like a soldier returning to his family after years of battle.

  • The thrill of the launch!

  • The first sound of the sonnet!

  • The excitement of the starting pistol!

  • The heart's invigoration of a new relationship!

We are creatures of great beginning and sloppy endings, if we ever finish at all.

It's part of the entropy of life. There is a universal resistance that knocks at our souls, repetitively pushing our doorbells like an annoying neighborhood child wrapped up in a prank.

Sadly, most of us remain annoyed and never answer the door and if we do, the prank lessens in its annoyance, being accepted as funny the instant you peer into the child's eyes, devilish grin to follow. So is the way of all perceived conflicts, they disappear at the moment of bold confrontation, paving the way to congruence.

It's impossible for conflict and congruence to exist in the exact same energetic space yet, where there is one, there is the other.

They are the polar opposites of the same family, like step children connected through parental unions, they tolerate co-existance knowing one can't exist without the other. The yin to the yang, the black to the white and the king to the queen, they exist dualistically in a tumultuous pairing.

The ebb and flow of conflict and congruence is the starting point of all sustainable change. A deeply rooted trigger is planted within from a life trauma, nudging us towards a cliff, feet digging in, kicking and clawing to maintain our position as we get closer and closer to the perils of the edge.

This, is the universe ready to give you a soul shower. Ya, it will feel like a prison-sentence-pressure-washing with lice dusting to follow. It leaves you tender, fertile for the characteristics of new growth found in the walls being torn down exposed, real and raw.

Where there is a dream inside you, there is the spirit's congruence assuring you of all resources readily available for you to create your internal vision.

Stay in this place long enough, watering in the seed with positive feelings coupled with consistent and steady action, and the dream of our desires forms like something out of a science fiction movie.

The sorcerers of life (ones that tap into source) understand these processes at a deep spiritual level, forming no story or judgments surrounding their creation abilities.

To be human is to be motivated. Even if our desire is to have the simplest of basics in life such as food, water, clothing and shelter, we are highly motivated. The drug addict is motivated to find the next high to the same level the celebrity CEO is motivated to earn the next billion, the only difference between the two is their object of motivation and the energetic state in which they pursue.

So how do we live a life of congruence? We dive into four supportive emotional states that precede congruence. These four resolves to conflict and into congruence of Human Motivation.

1. Alignment.

Alignment with yourself, deep within, is the first step we can take to finding this state of peace. To go further, look for your internal values, those cornerstones of our personality that are the foundation for our integrity and all we hold dear. Where are you out of alignment with yourself, your truth, your compass? Take a real and honest inventory of the small things you do through the day that chip away at your building, eroding the foundation.

2. Balance.

Wow, I know, it's WAY overused and we all leave the conversation shaking our heads in agreement that this can be a challenge with life's expectations revving us up to lightning pace. Balance, in all things, is a never-ending, metric-driven discipline of self evaluation and usually requires a heartfelt and supportive community. I personally recommend master minds of three or more aligned people.

3. Slow Down.

Yes, slow down, say no, don't attend the party, cancel the meeting and just....sit. Buddha said that all of man's problems exist from his inability to sit alone in a room with his thoughts. Eliminate the absolutes and discover an energetic storehouse deep within yourself filled with creative brilliance.

4. Feelings.

The poets say it the best in their haiku's, parables and sonnets that all resonate in a similar message: Learn to feel again. NOTHING can bring your more ease and peace in life then to feel all the feelings we avoid as too painful to experience. After the grief dissipates, and it will, your life clears like the sun emerging from dark skies after torrential rains leaving the air crisp and the flowers blooming.

Way too few curators of the popular "Happiness Movement" talk about the resetting process we often need to delve in to before we can really thrive. Want a strong house? Often ripping it down and removing the old framework is the ONLY way to create a life of congruent thriving. Find a guide, a therapist or coach that can guide you through this process and get to building!

The human motivation is the bliss that keeps us alive, out-reaching our grip, throttling us forward to reach new limits, new successes and live in true freedom of collaborative creation.

Welcome with open arms and a smile, the conflicts to discover true congruence and watch the universe dispense it's limitless resources upon you in support of your intention.

I love you.


Have you watched this video on Resistance? It's a powerful look at how resistance, or feelings of feeling stuck can propel us forward to new levels. Check it out here.

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