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When We Run Away

Are you ever tempted to just leave? 

You know…run away? In struggles with keeping it all real, balancing out what you WANT to do from what you HAVE to do versus what you GET to do, life gets crazy and sometimes, running from all it just sounds fun and full of adventure.

Something I wrote during an intense period of finding myself. I lived in Lake Tahoe California and it seems that the beauty of literally everything around me had an intense impact on shaping who I was as a man.

Will the existence left behind tear & break apart… A life worked hard and a restored heart? When we run away, are others left for the pieces to pick up? Will they understand that we had no option and our souls are corrupt? When we run away, everything bad does seem to follow, The pain in our chest, the lump in your throat you'll never swallow. Is there a peaceful existence out there, I was once asked. When we run away, we feel better cause it's the pain you will mask. We will not run away but rather stay true to His course, In faith that He will protect and help so as not to be worse. 08/01/07

A little older, a little wiser and not so impetuous, I've learned to value the rightness of staying in one place and keeping my hand on the wheel of the ship when the tides turn ugly and my ship and crew are throw about. 

The more perilous life becomes, the more that boldness resonating from within is strengthened and our destiny is shaped right in front of our eyes.

So escape, wander into the wild yonder and explore. Get lost, take the road less traveled and every other poetic bliss I can throw in here. 

But come back to us. Show us your trophies, your bruises and hurts…show us those times you ran away and that when you come back, you were better for it.

I love you



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