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Why Diet and Blood Sugar Basics Matter to You

Here is a fair run down of the pillars of nutrition education that I’ve learned from The Chek Institute, the #1 health institute in the world. Get the book from Paul Chek titled How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy to teach you a lifetime of truthful health information in only a couple of weeks.

Eating Basics
  • The stomach is designed to turn whole foods into mush, for ease of digestion, so drinking water or any liquids during meals dilutes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and interferes with energy liberation from the food.

  • By the same interference pathway, diluted hydrochloric acid, permits funguses, parasites and other free riders deeper into the digestive tract.

  • Proton pump inhibitors (prescribed for GERD or acid reflux) block acid production in the stomach, usually promoting extreme fatigue and massive digestive issues plus parasite infections.

  • GERD or acid reflux is caused by too little stomach acid in the first place, meaning the food is not broken down, so the food piles up along with the weakened acid to start eroding the bottom entry to the stomach, the lower esophagus.

  • Fatigue is common with such medications as they don’t permit enough acid to digest the food,which means the energy from the food doesn’t get into the system.

  • Because the stomach is designed to turn hard food into mush, liquids spend very little time in the stomach.

  • Liquid sugars spike blood sugar the quickest (alcohol, pop, juice, coffee with sugar, smoothies etc.)

  • Sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream through the small intestine first

  • Alcohol acts like sugar but has the ability to get absorbed into the blood through the stomach lining and carries other things with it - this is why cough medicine and similar products include alcohol in their products, to drag "the medicine" component into the bloodstream through the stomach lining.

  • Most of the time the conventional “medical product” in question simply poisons the body even more and increases long term disease states.

  • Skipping meals can condition the body to destroy muscle, slow metabolic rate, store more fat from the same calories/food choice intakes and reduces metabolic urges to dream, move or engage with life - timed eating is different than skipping meals - skipping meals may appear a wise idea to lose weight or stay healthy but when meals are inconsistent, they’re often unhealthy as well.

  • Glucose is the only sugar permitted into the bloodstream, regardless of what other sugar it begins as inside the intestines.

  • This means it doesn’t matter what sugar is placed in the body, Pepsi, or broccoli, it only comes through the small intestine and into the blood as glucose - yes broccoli is sugar and so is Pepsi - all fruits are sugars, all vegetables are sugar, all grains are sugars, all sugars are sugars and alcohol acts as a sugar in the blood.

  • In the world of nutrition, carbs and sugars are exactly the same thing.

  • All carbs are sugars and vegetables are sugars.........and so are fruits and grains.

  • As glucose levels increase in the blood (from excess carbs) the sugar is first shuttled to muscle cells to see if the muscles want to eat the sugar first - here in the muscles it is used as fuel or stored to the max capacity of the muscle cell.

  • The more the muscle cells are exercised, the emptier they become each day, and therefore the more sugar they can suck up out of the blood stream at any one meal or meals - that means when you exercise, you’re primed to dispose of sugar more efficiently if you happen to eat sugars of any type.

  • Once those muscle cells have used that sugar as fuel and stored it where they can, the excess sugar is shuttled to the liver where the excess sugar is turned into fat and other beneficial substances.... beneficial in a way short term but very dangerous long term - this means too much sugar turns into fat inside your body - that is why excess blood sugar makes people gain weight faster than any sort of other weight gain modality.

Lets talk about Excessive Blood Sugar
  • Excessive blood sugar (from eating too many carbs, which end up spiking sugar too quickly) causes more fat gain than dietary fat ever could.

  • Cholesterol, fat, and triglycerides are what’s produced from the excess sugar that comes into the liver - these fatty products can be found floating in the blood after a big sugar spike and they are a result of the excess sugar.

  • Cholesterol is needed to patch the holes that the free-floating sugar causes because sugar is an acid - again sugar is an acid, it can burn holes in teeth so it can certainly burn holes in meat based tissue inside of yourself - as the sugar burns holes in your tissue, cholesterol is produced as a protective coating for the holes the sugar made - high cholesterol isn’t bad, it’s there to save you if you eat an unhealthy diet too high in fast acting sugars.

  • Triglycerides are simply free-floating fat molecules that are shuttled to the best place to store them and once they are stored, they just become what we know as fat - fat around the hips, legs, waist, belly, back of the arms etc.

  • The body can make sugar out of fat and protein, so there's no real metabolic requirement for carb consumption at all, although I don’t recommend any diet that’s free of carbs....getting rid of fast acting sugars like grains, alcohol and processed sugary treats or drinks I do advise.

  • Sugar/carbs make us feel good, so we are attracted to them but they're the only thing we don't have to consume whatsoever to survive.

  • Without protein we die, without fat we die, without sugar.... we still live - lots of people get addicted to the good time emotions their carby food provides for them, because of the sugar spikes, but it’s often because their real life is absent of good emotions - the more boring, mundane and futile a person’s real life is, the more they often rely on the sugar rush of carby food to sub in for what’ they’re lacking in real life.

  • Vegetable carbs/sugar are never an issue for the body to handle - they rarely (if ever) spike our blood sugar into fat gaining and disease-causing levels.

  • Naturally high sugar foods were traditionally berries and fruits, which were rare in the Northern hemisphere, so the body made them naturally addictive so we would eat until we could eat no more, so that we would be primed internally to increase fat for the long cold winters or times when food was less available outside traditional growing cycles.

  • Our culture has paired the words “fruits and vegetables” to potentially give most people the idea that that both fruits and vegetables affect the body in the same way, but they don’t affect the body the same whatsoever - the way a banana affects the body is almost the exact opposite to how cauliflower affects the body, in regards to blood sugar levels.

  • Fruits generally spike blood sugar, especially if consumed on an empty stomach and/or if the fruit sugar is liquified, like in the case of a smoothie or raw fruit juice - if someone is having trouble with their weight, their health, cellulite etc - they need to consume whole foods and not liquify them, especially in the morning.

  • Many people find their food cycles follow this natural growing cycle as well, where they can handle higher sugar foods in the summer months but not in the winter months - this is because our genes often adapt to where we live and if we’ve lived in the Northern Hemisphere for many generations our bodies are used to higher sugar foods in the summer months and less blood sugar spikes in the winter months.

  • The body is insulin sensitive in the morning hours, which means it excretes more insulin per sugar molecule registered, than any other time during the day - this can be a big problem for high blood sugar if people don’t know that carby foods in the morning will affect us more negatively regarding how much insulin is released from the carb based foods we’re consuming.

  • This means higher sugar foods extract much more insulin from the pancreas in the morning hours compared to other times during the day - the big problem with insulin is that it’s a hormone that can upregulate fat storage when it spikes.

When To Eat
  • The morning meals need to be the lowest sugar content of the day, or skip breakfast completely, in order to maximize health, weight loss, fat loss, the removal of cellulite etc.

  • After a workout, between 11 am - 2 pm, appears the best time for the body to handle and process sugar most effectively - that means if you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, carry less fat and remove cellulite, it’s simply best to consume healthy organic whole food carby foods between those hours - exercise at noon is also optimal.

  • This means if you’re going to like something sweet, eat it after you exercise in the middle of day.

  • Avoid consuming liquified sugar in the morning or fruit on an empty stomach etc., if you want to maximize the control of your body fat, weight etc.

  • Insulin is a fat storing hormone that accelerates aging but most likely any study linking insulin to aging and fat gain has to do with the excess sugar that must come first before insulin is spiked in the body - insulin problems in the body are always caused by blood sugar problems in the body, which is turn caused by the unhealthy consumption of fast acting carby foods.

  • A condition called hyper-insulinemia exists by which stress or a high sugar diet is so frequent, that the insulin valve is simply left on or partially on for most of the day by the body - yes unfortunately stress can also release insulin and prime the body for fat gain, simply because we’re stressed - this is why we need to learn to relax as much as we can.

The Body Flushes Toxins
  • Toxins can also elicit a sugar release affect in the body via the limbic system, the fight, flight or freeze system - when you’re in fear (your body is afraid of all toxin based foods because they’re poison) you can get high blood sugar floating in the blood but the high blood sugar came from the liver.

  • The activation of the limbic system, which occurs with any threat, chemical or physical etc..... ends with a big squeeze of sugar out of the liver - being afraid of a mugger is simple to understand but being afraid of Oreo Cookies may be harder to understand - you have one flight or fight system and it activates anytime there’s a threat to your lifespan - the mugger threatens your lifespan but so does all poison and chemicals - most foods people are eating today are either mostly poison via their ingredients or at least coated with pesticide poisons at best.

  • This sugar from the liver (ejected when the body is afraid of poison) can then flood the bloodstream and give the body something to eat, without even really eating anything through the mouth - fear can feed us sugar from inside of our body - smokers experience this all time - they get up in the morning, suck in nicotine poison, this activates the fight or flight system, a big rush of blood sugar is ejected from the liver and the smoker’s hunger goes away or down because the bloodstream is full of sugar to feed on - that’s now how you want to eat or deal with hunger if you want to live a long, healthy and empowered life.

Coffee & Nicotine
  • Like coffee drinker as well - without eating anything orally, their hunger magically goes away because poison (the caffeine is a documented poison) activates our flight or fight, triggering the release of glucose from the liver and therefore quieting hunger signals because some food arrived to the cells........but it was glucose released from the liver due to chemical threat.

  • The fight or flight system activation also shuttles blood away from the stomach and intestines.... toward the legs and arms for fighting etc.- this means people who consume lots of poison and chemicals never have enough blood in their organs to really keep their organs healthy or working properly because the blood gets shuttled to the arms and legs after the fight or flight system is activated by the poison.

  • Caffeine and nicotine (and any other toxins) scare the body, the fear response elicits sugar to be ejected from the liver, therefore giving the body something to eat internally.

  • Caffeine and nicotine (and any other toxin) scare the body, and the fear response involves moving blood away from the stomach, therefore crashing any hunger pains that person may have - the body could be dying from a lack of nutrition and the person will still not get the hunger signals from the body to go and find/hunt nutrition - this is a big problem for people who poison themselves constantly - they should be eating something healthy but they don’t have strong hunger signals.

If you're a "Coffee Lover" (like I was) and can't imagine giving it up, let's talk - I have some amazing resources for you that will give you what you love and nearly completely eliminate caffeine intake.
  • Without blood in the stomach because a fear response was activated from ingesting or inhaling poison, the stomach can’t operate effectively, if at all....because it doesn’t have the amount of free blood to use, in order to turn the stomach over and digest the food properly.

  • Once the body’s metabolism is set for fat storage from excessive sugars, it doesn't turn back off and on like a light switch – if we eat bad food too often the body just keeps the fat storing machinery on all the time - if you constantly spike your blood sugar with unhealthy carby foods it gets harder and harder for the body to make the switch back to a healthy metabolism because it starts to lose trust in the owner of the body to make healthy choices.

  • The more sugar we eat the more likely our body starts to adapt into a permanent fat storage type function, regardless of what is consumed.... protein, fats, or carbs.

  • The healthier we eat the more the body gets stuck in a lower fat storage mode of metabolism.

  • All this points toward keeping the blood sugar low and stable at all times, with most people needing lower sugar in the morning meal plus a real need to avoid all caffeine, caffeine creates unstable blood sugar all day long.

  • Knowing the right combination of foods (what percentage of carbs, fats, and proteins) for people can be determined by a metabolic typing test, which is free online - there are many - here's a simple one - test_1

  • There are slow oxidizers (carb types) fast oxidizers (protein types) or balanced oxidizer (mixed types) that result from the metabolic typing test.

  • Saying that - no one of those types do well on processed, nonorganic, dead foods.

  • The more processed a food, the more nutritionally dead It is and therefore the more poisonous it is to the body.

  • Metabolic typing can help narrow down what whole food combinations make people feel the best... when you eat properly for your body you’re going to have no hunger cravings for 3-5 hours after your meal, no changes in mood, good bowel movements,.... moving 12 inches of fecal material per day total, broken down between 2-3 bowel movements etc....very few pain syndromes in the body, no headaches, no rapid changes in energy up or down, no massive excess body fat, weight fluctuation, cellulite accumulation etc - that’s when you know you’re hitting the sweet spot for your particular metabolism - don’t pick your diet based on a fad political label of your generation - work with your body, the body never lies.

  • If the blood sugar is spiked and the body stores the excess sugar as fat and the other compounds already mentioned, the hunger signals increase again very quickly because all the calories consumed were stored away out of the bloodstream and are therefore now absent from free circulation in the blood - if you don’t have free floating nutrition in the bloodstream because you ate poorly and triggered your body to shuttle all your food into stored fat, your body will see the empty bloodstream and spike your hunger signals - this means you could have just consumed a meal of 1 carby pizza and 2 pops and still be hungry only 1 hour later.

  • This means, when we eat poorly or not in line with our metabolic type, we will often overeat (because the calories we just consumed get stored as fat and don’t float around our body to feed our cells), our blood sugar will crash, and we will then experience the disastrous effects in mood and energy that low blood sugar drops are famous for mood disorders, violence, aggressive tendencies, paranoia, jealousy, rage and extreme antisocial behaviors are tied to low blood sugar.... but those negative changes are indeed beneficial if we are starving to death (which is what low blood sugar means to the body) - saying that, we still don't want to trigger these natural genetic metabolic changes/responses when we can avoid it and that means we need to pay closer attention to what we eat.

  • The reason the body gets extremely aggressive when it has low blood sugar is because low blood sugar means you’re starving to death and that triggers our limbic brain (our flight or fight system) and that part of the brain is very capable of killing and enacting extreme violence to remedy the low blood sugar situation - your body is designed to kill if it’s starving to death and people with this low blood sugar reaction triggered in their body are really hard to get along with.

  • The body is perfectly designed to kill and become aggressive when it’s running out of food - we want to,make sure we don’t trigger that reaction unnecessarily - we can do that by eating the proper combination of food - if we can do that everything improves.

  • When we spike our blood sugar unnecessarily with stress, fear, chemical, toxins or a bad carby diet etc. our fat burning hormones, testosterone, and growth hormones decrease and our fat storing hormones estrogen increase.

  • In men with bad carby/sugary diets, chemicals, toxins or excessive fear/stress..........they can develop excessive breast tissue from the excessive estrogen, decreased sex drive, cellulite, erectile dysfunction etc.

  • Women with excessive estrogen from stress/fear, chemicals, toxins and bad carby/sugary diets can develop various hormonal regulation imbalances specific to women.

  • In the end if we can improve our diet, we can clear the mind and energy field, so anyone can better function as the human they were always meant to be.

Oils & Fats
  • Healthy fats are fats that the body uses for tissue integrity and toxin defense which are coconut oil, grass fed butter, avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil etc. - organic is best of course so there’s much less poisons and toxins.

  • Unhealthy fats are the omega 6 fats (when consumed in excess) which are the factory farm driven canola, soy, sunflower, safflower and cottonseed - these fats are cheap, they cause disease and they’re often fed to the poor (or uninformed) to keep them in a metabolic state of lack, disempowerment and weakness.

Disease & Inflammation
  • These disease, inflammation and fat causing omega 6 fats are to be found in lots of our society’s processed food products - the people farming us today as human livestock prefer to farm unhealthy, dependent and weak human cattle - unhealthy foods, oils, chemicals and poisons are just one farming strategy for keeping the human animal weak and prime for the harvest time slaughters, which occur at regular intervals on this planet.

  • It’s also important to know the flash points of each oil when cooking and to keep the proper ratios of omega 3 to omega 6 fats in your diet.

  • A balance between anti-inflammatory omega 3’s and pro inflammatory omega 6’s is supposed to be 3 to 1 or even 1 to 1. The average person today is 1 omega 3 to 50 disease causing omega 6’s - this is done on purpose because disease is a big business in our world - you can’t farm lions, only lambs - you can’t farm strong, vital, smart, empowered and independent humans - you can only farm weak, diseased, uninformed, disempowered and dependent humans.

  • An oil's flash point is when a certain temperature turns the oil rotten - most people today are consuming rotten oils but they don’t know - Omega 6 oils are very dangerous for your health and if they’re rancid or rotten from too high a heat, health problems are just around the corner.

  • If an oil goes rotten from heat, you won’t know it, as it tastes somewhat the same, but it will do plenty of damage to your organs once you consume it.

  • The only oils truly safe to cook with, regardless of heat, are butter, ghee, and coconut oil. Coconut oil is the oil that can take the most heat without going rancid or rotten.

  • Although we don’t ask our clients about their bowel movements, sometimes we should.

  • We’re supposed to move 12 inches of fecal material every day, each piece should float, it’s better if it’s one piece and coils into the toilet, it should break apart when we flush it, it shouldn’t be difficult to move out of our bodies and we’re supposed to move our bowels each time we eat.

  • That’s the standard we sort of aim for and use to judge optimal health with bowel movements.

  • Whole organic live food is always more life giving then processed food.

  • Organic whole food vitamins are always more life giving than synthetic vitamins.

  • I use Mega Food and Innate Vitamins and Minerals – made from whole food or organic wholefood mash.

  • Paul Chek will mention many different healthy brands of supplements during his podcast titled LIIVING IN 4D

  • To master healthy living and nutrition it is recommended to at least read Paul Chek’s book “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy”

  • Meals should be the size of your closed fist as generally that’s the carrying capacity of your own stomach and anything above that can inhibit proper digestion.

Water Intake and Process
  • Be aware of your water intake cycle in and around eating.

  • You’re supposed to brush your teeth upon waking, so you don’t swallow dangerous bacteria when you drink your water - that means don’t chug water down in the middle of the night or the morning unless you brush your teeth first.

  • After brushing your teeth you’re supposed to drink 500 ml of water and then wait 30 minutes before you eat.

  • This allows the water to sink into the lining of the stomach and reconstitute a proper concentration of stomach acid during the meal.

  • 30 minutes after you have consumed your water, you’re ready to eat and digest your food properly with the newly created acid in your stomach lining, which is waiting for the food to arrive before it’s released into the stomach, along with the food.

  • Do not drink excessively (or at all) during the meal, as drinking excessive liquid during meals will dilute your hydrochloric acid and inhibit proper digestion and parasite/bacteria destruction.

  • You need a proper concentration of stomach acid to digest your food, liberate the food energy and kill free riders coming into your body along with the food.

  • Wait 1.5 hours after you stop eating to drink water again - this allows your food to digest in a proper cycle without any new food or water coming into the stomach - you need to let the first load of food cycle through before you throw any other water or food down the hatch - that cycle lasts 1.5 - 2.5 hours.

  • After the 1.5 - 2.5 hours of nothing in the stomach at all then you can start drinking your water again to repeat the acid prepping cycle - drink water up until 30 minutes before your next meal.

  • This means that you drink your water mostly in-between meals - starting 1.5 - 2.5 hours after you eat and up to 30 minutes prior to the next meal.

You will most certainly need a water machine - there are many on the market and Kangen Water is considered the absolute best. It's also the most expensive but is promised to last 30+ years. Email me for more information at and I'll set you up with a distributor since it's direct marketing company.

Meal Portions and Eating Habits
  • Smaller meals 4 times per day produces better health results for most people but not all - timed eating is also good for the body - for example only eating from 11 AM to 6 PM and of course sticking to the healthy eating guidelines as well.

  • People should chew their food until liquid if possible and especially if they are sick.

  • Adding in a digestive enzyme is often necessary because of depleted enzymes due to a processed food diet - vegetarian-capsules/90616

  • If you can’t get digestive enzymes – sipping the juice of lemon during meals also works well • people can often eat well yet feel tired because they are enzyme deficient.

  • Fungal and parasite infections are often very common in people so you may have to address that with a healthy diet, to eliminate the foods these decomposition experts prefer, and you may have to suggest some cleanses like a good parasite, liver, kidney or general cleanse of some kind -

Vegan Diets
  • Veganism is often adopted in this day and age based on psychological safety affiliation with the bigger group or perceived bigger/popular group, not whether the diet powers them effectively or not.

  • Veganism is often based on a choice regarding animals and not one's personal health, but not always.

  • When you challenge anyone’s safety you often get a “threat to security response”, which is about them feeling safer maintaining the status quo, regardless of what results are being observed in real time.

  • This means that vegans often are some of the hardest people to work with, even if they’re not getting the proper results from their diet - saying that, some vegans are perfectly healthy and their diets work for them.

  • In many cases the choice not to eat meat or animal products can have severe impacts on the health of the person or the long-term integrity of the skin, the hair, the nails, the hormonal system and strength of the cell walls inside the body.

  • This is true about veganism in some cases but not in all.

  • If a vegan has plenty of energy, is at a perfect weight and is without any symptoms of undernourishment or protein deficiency than that’s perfect and you don’t need to bang on the dietary issue........but you will not find many in this category who don’t have signs of saturated fat and protein deficiency - self sabotage is about wanting to feel safe, even if our need to feel safe brings us into situations where we’re not really safe at all because of perception issues put into the environment purposely by controlled forces.

Ask Yourself
  • If you're clinging to dietary habits that are failing your health, take the metabolic typing test which can potentially challenge your belief system - it’s not up to anyone coach to change anyone - we provide the information, we explain why the human nervous system often clings to safety where it’s not to be found and then it’s up to the client to make the changes if they wish - saying all this - I have met only one healthy vegan personally in my entire life.

  • I’m not saying veganism is a flawed belief system – what I am saying is that if the results of anything is negative and the person won’t challenge the beliefs causing the negative results, then dogma is in play and logic is absent - in cases like this, programming is in play and this programming doesn’t just apply to what we eat, it generally applies to everything a human does - programming runs our life - our programming can ruin our life or enrich our life, depending on what programs we carry.

  • In all my years I have only come across 1 vegan/vegetarian that wasn't showing signs of metabolic weakness or low tissue integrity.

I'm not in the businesss of preaching or saying, "my way is the right way." - the world already has too much of that and generally everyone must find their own way. I'm hired as a coach to purposefully explain programs that don’t serve you, even if those programs are dietary.
  • Maybe you will gather different observations during your practice but those are mine after working with over 600 self sabotage clients.

If your client was completely mentally and physically healthy, they wouldn’t be contacting you in the first place.

Food Allergies
  • The most common food allergies are pasteurized milk, gluten laced wheat, and corn, although these items are placed on government’s approved lists for healthy eating (the USDA Food Pyramid and The Canadian Food Guide), research proves that these items cause everything from brain damage to cancer and intestinal damage to weight gain.

  • It’s simply better to go gluten free (gluten being a protein fraction in wheat and many other grains), dairy free and corn free if your client is struggling with their health.

  • The only truly gluten free grains are millet, corn, buckwheat, and rice and often, it's just best to get rid of grains altogether if someone has some any health or weight issues, temporarily.

  • Experimenting and adopting a practice of intutive eating works well after considering all these other rules.

  • Intuitive eating simply means you judge how you feel as you approach or think about a food before you eat it and allow yourself to sense what your body is looking for at that point in time and that point of the day - basically think of the food before you consume it and your body will let you know with feelings if that will work well or not at that particular moment regarding what your body needs nutrition wise.

  • Confirm your intuition by paying special attention to how you feel after the meal.

  • Good meal combinations provide you with 5 hours of unlimited energy and a happy mental disposition, no gas, no bloating, and no digestive issues whatsoever.

  • The most common ways to destroy the absorption ability of the gut lining is food allergies, alcohol, stress, and medications.

  • Once the gut lining is disrupted or full of holes, it doesn’t matter what healthy foods are consumed, absorption of life-giving nutrition and energy will be compromised.

  • This is why you need to be chemical and allergen they can attain all the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

  • The recipes provided to you as coaches can go a long way for your clients to regain sound eating habits. -

Recipes and Tips
  • See the page regarding "Beauty Bowl Infogram" is a lower carb based “let’s take a rapid and serious run at our health” sort of dietary change.

  • The recipes often include some higher carb options (rice and other gluten free grains, grain products etc.) that can help you gain more energy and calories as needed, without changing your world too radically.

  • These above points will give us enough information to assess you dietary habits in conjunction with the mental programming that invisibly moves people toward unhealthy eating habits in the first place.

Thank you for leading by example.

Thank you for changing for the better.

Thank you for helping others do the same.

Thank you for dedicating yourself to excellence, in all you do.


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