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Why Does It Feel Like I Will Never Succeed?

Because You are Programmed to be broke, fat, dumb, and sick.

The social decay being sold to the public today is rampant.

Take your pick, these are all depopulation based movements...

Social decay has always been sold to the public ON CUE, whenever our social engineers need to destroy the current society and rebuild back an even more dysfunctional version for themselves.

Now if you want to know how easy it is to hack people's minds to do absolutely anything, we have a brand-new example today. Again, it's from master psychological manipulation expert, Derren Brown.

The reason today's example is important is because it involves propaganda: the hacking of the victim's TV, radio and cell phone with fake news, to get the victim moving in the direction desired.

It doesn't matter if it's convincing a teenage girl to dye their hair blue and cut their own breasts out and confused on what a woman is.

Or convincing parents to inject poison into their own children, down at the fake vaccine clinic, the same tactics are being used. Knowing how mind control works can save your life.

If you don't know what mind control and brainwashing is, how it works or how you're getting brainwashed daily, it's going to be really hard for you to be happy, let alone successful, blissful, healthy or satisfied.

That's why I'm dedicated to understanding "self sabotage" because what looks like self sabotage and addictions are simply self destruction based mind control programs being acted out.

So if you're looking to achieve something amazing in your life (anything), it's best you learn about self sabotage psychology, brainwashing and mind control first, before you begin your journey up success mountain.

Email me personally now at Robin@RobinAustinReed for information on this program so you can level up in your adult life.

Watch .... The Derren Brown show called, "Apocalypse"

A member of the public is given a second chance at life when mentalist Derren Brown makes him realise how important life is by tricking him into believing that a meteor has hit the earth and is now populated by zombies.

If you're tired of your behaviors that keep you stuck and in a place of failure, there is hope.

You don't have to live in a state of brokenness and truthfully, there is nothing wrong with you.

Deal with the programs and your life changes quickly, and almost effortlessly.

To setup a call to discuss this concept click here.


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